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Seven Ways to Write a Great Software Developer Cover Letter

By April 13, 2022 5 min read

Given the fierce competition for software development and web developer positions, a strong software developer cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd and demonstrate that you have the relevant abilities and expertise.

Consider your software developer cover letter as a chance to respond to the questions that your resume may bring up. Highlight your software development skills, educational background, and experience that make you a strong candidate for the job. 

Don’t know how? Here are seven ways to improve your cover letter and stand out from the crowd. 

Let’s dive in. 

  1. Be specific in your software developer cover letter

    Be very specific in your software developer cover letter

    Be specific in your software developer cover letter

    Consider how you can get your point across in a few words in your software developer cover letter. If you write a cover letter that is concise and easy to read, the chances of hiring managers noticing your cover letter increase dramatically.

  2. Showcase your work and output

    Don’t assume that anyone who reads your cover letter will also review the remaining application. So, showcase your best work in the cover letter. If possible, highlight your performance in numbers. For example, while mentioning your previous project, you could say, “I released a mason locator application that garnered more than 10000+ downloads.” 

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  3. Highlight the in-demand skills in the software developer cover letter

    Study the eligibility criteria and the required qualifications carefully. Then, personalize your software developer cover letter to highlight that you meet or exceed all requirements. 

    Demonstrate that you have all of the necessary technical skills for the position. In addition, establish that you meet the educational criteria for the post. 

  4. Personalize your software developer cover letter

    Use your knowledge of the company’s culture or history to bolster your argument about why you’d be a perfect fit for the position. For example, if you know the hiring manager’s name, use it in your letter for a more personal touch.  

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  5. Avoid jargon

    You don’t always know if the person hiring for a software developer role has any experience with software development or even programming languages. So, it’s critical to write your cover letter without any technical jargon. 

  6. End your software developer cover letter strongly

    Close your software developer cover letter strongly

    End your software developer cover letter strongly.

    Summarize your strengths for the upcoming role. Also, persuasively explain why you want this particular software developer job.

    Here’s an example:  I believe I am a strong candidate for an Android developer role at XYZ Co. because of my determination, passion for software development, and ability to adapt to new situations.

  7. Proofread. Edit. Repeat.

    Read your cover letter. Then reread it. 

    Faults in spelling and grammar reflect a lack of attention to detail. Show your cover letter to a trustworthy friend or coworker to get a second opinion. 

    Check out
    Grammarly if you are not confident about your grammar and spelling or if English isn’t your first language. The tool is free for basic editing. The features available in the free version will be enough to assist you in making the necessary adjustments to your writing. 

Here are two sample software developer cover letters:

Sample 1

Brian D’sa

567 South Street

Boston, MA 02108


March 28, 2022

Eric Bezos

Chief Technology Officer

XYZ Co. 

321 Business Rd, 

NY 54321

Dear Mr. Bezos,

This letter conveys my interest in the software developer position that you have advertised on With a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, a Master’s degree in Information Technology, and 5+ years of experience, I am convinced that I will be a valuable contribution to your company. 

I appreciate being challenged and engaged in projects that demand me to work outside my comfort zone.

Your listed requirements closely match my experience and skills. A few highlights of my profile are as follows: 

  • Highly proficient in software design, testing, and development. 
  • Thoroughly understands data structures and algorithms.
  • Hands-on experience with back-end development.
  • 3+ years of experience with software troubleshooting. 
  • Proven track record of proper documentation.

I’ve attached a copy of my resume. You can reach me by calling 666-666-6666 or sending an email to  

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I’m excited to have a word with you about this opportunity.


Mary D’sa

Sample 2

Eric Yuan

45 Adam Street

Philadelphia, PA 19000


March 28, 2022

Mary Barra

VP Technical Services


4567 Main St.

Philadelphia, PA 19000

Dear Ms. Barra,

Are you looking for a software developer with a track record of creating high-performance apps and technical breakthroughs? If so, kindly consider my profile. 

Since 2016, I’ve worked with Xyz company as a software developer, where my employer acknowledged me for developing unique solutions for multimillion-dollar, globally deployed software and systems. 

In addition, I’m in charge of the entire lifecycle of next-generation software development, from requirements gathering to design, coding, testing, documentation, and implementation.

I’m known for my strong client-facing abilities, and I’ve been a part of bids and presentations that have resulted in six-figure contracts. I’m also good at combining business and user needs into high-quality, cost-effective design solutions while sticking to a budget. 

My cross-platform expertise includes the following:

  • Proficiency in Windows, Linux, and VxWorks
  • Fluency in 11 programming languages, such as C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, and SQL
  • Advanced knowledge of developer applications and tools, such as OOD, server architecture, and self-test automation

I’ll call you next week to follow up, and you can contact me at 666-666-6666. I’m excited to have a word with you about this amazing opportunity.


Eric Yuan

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To write a good software developer cover letter:

  • Create a powerful opening that piques the reader’s curiosity. 
  • Emphasize relevant abilities and describe how they can help the company. 
  • Describe noteworthy undertakings and accomplishments. 
  • Make a compelling case for why you desire this particular software developer position. 
  • Edit the cover letter till it is flawless and free of errors.

Final thoughts

Writing a cover letter may seem like an unnecessary step. But remember that a well-written cover letter can help the employer understand why you’re the best fit for the role.

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Software Developer Cover Letter: 7 Ways to Make It Awesome
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Software Developer Cover Letter: 7 Ways to Make It Awesome
A solid software developer cover letter can help you stand out from the crowd. Here are 7 tips for writing an outstanding cover letter for your next job!
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