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Tech Resume Writing: Four Tips to Build a Great Resume

By March 28, 2022 4 min read

Did you know that you just have five to six seconds to make a good impression on your employer? And so, your tech resume plays a vital role in the hiring process.  

Most of the resumes get filtered out by the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) during the hiring process. This system helps organizations source, filter, hire and manage candidates. And so, if your tech resume is not relevant or exciting enough, it may never reach the employer.

You might be a skilled developer but drafting a resume is an art in itself. And so, your resume should be ATS-friendly for your employer to learn more about your profile. 

This blog post takes you through some of the best practices of writing tech resumes helping you stand out from the competition. 

Adding the right keywords to your tech resume is crucial

Tech resume ATS

Adding the right keywords to your tech resume is crucial

Resume parsing is one of the best features of an ATS. This feature is also one of the reasons why many recruiters rely on this system. 

The ATS filters candidates according to the job description and the content of the tech resume. You may have a detailed tech resume, but your resume will never reach the prospective employer if the text is not in sync with the job description.  

Pro tip: Add keywords or phrases that employers use in the job description to your resume. Using the right keywords is essential for passing through ATS’s filters. 

If you are applying for a back-end developer role, learning about the tech stack in the job description is crucial. For example, you might be an experienced Python back-end developer. But, if the employer is looking for expertise in CherryPy or TurboGears, you must mention the same in your resume. 

Highlight your tasks, skillset, and achievements in your tech resume

Employers are constantly drowning in resumes. You have a short window to prove your worth. Hence, tech resumes with fluff and no substance are never a good idea. 

Concisely highlighting your achievements will help you get your brownie points. How to be concise with tech resumes, you ask? 

Follow the Task Action Result protocol:

  • Outline the tasks and responsibilities in your last project
  • Mention the actionable steps you took to solve the problem 
  • Share the results of your effort and the overall project
  • Add factual data and other necessary insights

Don’t just mention a list of your responsibilities. Talk about how you added value and drove the outcome. If you add factual data and other details, you will make a solid case for yourself. 

With each bullet you mention, ask yourself — are you highlighting your tasks, skillsets, and achievements in the most rewarding way? 

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Good words and numbers cost little, especially in tech resumes

Make your tech resume descriptive but not verbose. Start the bullet points with phrases like Designed, Developed, Computed, Collaborated, Improved, Analyzed, Devised, Delegated, etc. 

For example, one of the bullets points in your resume could be: 

  • Optimized an e-commerce application as the Project Lead and generated 3x revenue in 2021 

Using the right words is essential as it helps to drive home the core idea without the fluff. 

Pro tip: Don’t use rows and columns in your resume.

Keep your resume informative but minimalistic 

Ideally, resumes shouldn’t be more than one page. Remember – Your goal is to format and structure your resume so well that recruiters can understand what you bring to the table by taking a mere glance. 

Recruiters have to go through multiple resumes in a limited time. Hence, refrain from adding minute details for every one of your projects. Add only the information relevant to the position you are seeking. Add your contact details — email address, phone number, and LinkedIn handle. 

But don’t add high school achievements, current or permanent address, headers, and footers. 

If you have a portfolio or Git repository, add the link to your tech resume. This way, you can save the employer’s time and inch closer to the most relevant role for yourself. 

Sharing your previous work shows that you are transparent and confident about your skill set. While aesthetics are not compulsory, a minimalistic resume is easy to scan through and shows that you value the reader’s time.      

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Final thoughts

With most organizations relying on ATS for their recruiting campaigns, developers need to understand employers’ perspectives to land a job. While it is important to emphasize your achievements, remember to stay relevant to the job description.

One size fits all is not a good approach while creating tech resumes. For every job you apply for, put in the extra effort to make the changes as per the job description. 

A good tech resume can be the ticket to your dream job. But only having a good resume won’t help you go further into the hiring process. And so, you should be a part of a growing developer community to understand the nuances of recruitment. helps software developers globally to find their dream job. Apart from testing skillsets, Turing also assists developers with building professional profiles, ATS-friendly tech resumes, and matching talents with world-class employers.  

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4 Tech Resume Writing Tips to Build a Great Resume
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4 Tech Resume Writing Tips to Build a Great Resume
Your tech resume is the first impression that your potential employer will have of you. Here's how you can build an attractive tech resume and stand out.
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