Here’s What You Should Know About Vue.JS

Ambika Choudhury
20 Feb 20242 mins read
Languages, frameworks, tools, and trends

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Languages, frameworks, tools, and trends

In a recent interview, Manaf, a software developer at, shared his insights on Vue.js.  With 190k GitHub stars, Vue.js is currently one of the most sought-after JavaScript frameworks among software developers. Giants like Facebook, Apple, Adobe, BMW, and GitLab are also fond of it. Evan You, a former developer at Google, created the Vue.js framework as a side project. 

Owing to the framework’s massive popularity, the Vue.js community continues to grow with contributions from front-end developers across the globe. 

This post looks at some of Vue.js’ basic features and applications to help developers understand the framework better.

Vue.js: How does it work? 

Vue.js focuses on the layout and UI with the help of JavaScript. “This means if you have a static web application that focuses on UI and you’re not sure if you should add more functionalities, Vue.js can help you in adding more JavaScript functions and other functionalities,” says Manaf.

Also, the Vue.js framework connects the View and the Model via two-way data bindings, making it easy to integrate into various projects. The built-in features that help Vue.js gain popularity include two-way data binding, virtual DOM, components, animation, and detailed documentation. 

Vue.js: Why should you use it?

Manaf highlighted the following benefits of using the Vue.js framework:

  • Vue.js is well-known among developers for its quick-learning curve and fast development approach that helps build web applications in real-time.
  • If you have a tight budget and time constraints, Vue.js can help you to develop your MVP in no time.
  • Vue.js is also a good choice for developers if they are developing sophisticated single-page applications (SPA). 
  • Vue.js helps you create a quick and easy-to-use UI with minimal JavaScript without going through the maintenance of the pipeline for the data flow.
  • Vue.js is a developer-friendly framework that helps you develop your Vue-based application without any hassle.


Vue.js pretty much has it all when it comes to web development. There are several reasons why Vue.js is growing so fast among developers. It is developer-friendly, has a fast learning curve, well-defined ecosystem, and handy conventions. All these intuitive features make Vue.js a reliable option for web developers. 

At present, there are hundreds of Vue.js job openings on popular online job platforms. Similarly, thousands of software developers are looking for Vue.js jobs that perfectly match their skill sets. 

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Ambika Choudhury

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