What Are the Different Recruitment Types in the HR Industry?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The two major and fundamental types of recruiting are internal and external recruitment. There are various sub-types within these recruitment types that offer several options to the HR and hiring managers.

There are several stages of recruitment that form the hiring funnel. Some of these main stages are sourcing, vetting, matching, and onboarding. These stages are associated with several activities and should be conducted diligently for the best results.

The choice of the right recruitment type depends on several factors, such as your specific requirements, time scale, budget, role, and the quality of hire you need. It is critical to document your requirements thoroughly before choosing the right recruitment type that suits those requirements.

There are numerous scenarios where you should consider outsourcing your work to an outsourcing company. Some of these scenarios include insufficient bandwidth for current employees to meet demand, tighter budgets, niche requirements for specific expertise, and quicker turnaround times.

The 3 primary principles of recruitment are cost, time, and quality. These 3 factors need to be considered before making any recruitment decision.

The three primary criteria for making a hiring decision are the value a prospective employee brings to your company, core competencies & capabilities to perform the required functions, and a good cultural fit with the vision & ethos of your organization.

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