How to Attract the Best Candidates: Top Recruitment Techniques Revealed

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Are you struggling to find the best recruits to join your team? Are you trying to figure out recruitment techniques used by top companies to find amazing candidates? If you are having a hard time finding employees with the right skills and experience, the reason is an exponential rise in the demand for good candidates in the hiring market.

Recruiters hiring good recruits through job boards is a thing of the past. Nowadays, finding and recruiting good candidates or a software engineer has become more challenging than ever. As a result, to attract the best recruits in today's hiring market, recruiters must change their recruitment techniques as traditional recruiting channels, such as job boards, are overcrowded. There are limited high-quality candidates in those channels, and far too many recruiters looking for them.

So how can you attract top software engineers and any recruit in general? This article will provide an answer to that. Here we look at 5 of the best recruitment techniques used by top companies and tech recruiters. But first, let’s get into more detail about why it’s so hard for companies to find good recruits. So without further ado, Let’s start.

Why finding the best candidates is hard

Finding the best candidates takes a lot of work for various reasons. The primary one is the booming demand and the candidates shortage to cope with this demand. However, another reason that makes it hard to find good recruits are the obsolete recruitment techniques used by human resource professionals.

To ensure you find the best employees, you must have a well-developed recruitment process. This includes the technical skills and qualifications and a good understanding of the right recruitment techniques. First, you need to have a clear job description outlining your requirements and the skills required for the job. Once you have a clear job description, you can start looking for suitable candidates and begin the recruitment process.

Now that you know how vital employee recruitment techniques are and why finding the good candidates is challenging in the current hiring market let's move on to our main section and discuss the top 5 recruitment techniques.

Top 5 Recruitment techniques that make hiring easy

Before you hunt for the right candidates, let us look at some of the prominent and effective techniques to make your job easier.

Hiring through job fairs

Job fairs are an effective way to attract potential candidates. After all, most job seekers want to be recruited. You can use job fairs to reach out to currently employed candidates. This means you are not poaching employees, instead, you are recruiting individuals who are open to new opportunities. Another advantage of job fairs is that they are economically more affordable. If you are hiring a large number of recruits, hiring through job fairs will be inexpensive. You can also use job fairs to attract professionals who work in other sectors.

Leveraging internal candidates and asking for referrals

You can find great candidates within your own organization. Consider reaching out to your current employees to see if they are interested in moving into engineering roles or if they have any referrals. This will allow you to take advantage of the network of your current employees. Here are multiple benefits of employee referrals:

  • High conversion rate
  • Saving a lot of time spent on sourcing
  • Lower recruitment costs
  • Increased Employee Retention
  • Helps in building employer branding

Hiring through recruitment agencies

If you struggle to attract candidates, consider using a recruitment agency. A reputable agency will be able to find you the best engineers or accountants for your needs. The agency will work with you to identify the skills you are looking for and will reach out to their network. Agencies generally charge a percentage of the employee’s first-year salary. This can be expensive, but it may be worthwhile if you need help in hiring top candidates. An efficient agency will have its own vetting pipeline to scan the best candidates based on your requirements. This can save you time and energy. A reputable agency will also be able to help you find engineers who are an excellent cultural fit.

You need to be where the candidates is

Let’s try to understand this from a perspective software engineers. Suppose you are trying to find software engineers, you need to be where they are. This means you need to be in the correct location. You are on the right track if you are in Silicon Valley or other technology hubs. But if you are in a small city with few tech firms, you will need help finding the right candidates. You must also look at prominent developer platforms and networks for easy access to engage and hire the top candidates for your company. This may mean you need to have a strong social media presence. It also means you need to engage with engineers on their preferred platforms, such as Reddit or Stack Overflow.

Build your employer’s brand

Many firms don’t have the resources to hire a branding agency. But you can still create a positive recruiting brand. You must put effort into creating a positive recruiting brand to help you attract more qualified employees. You can do several things to develop a positive recruiting brand such as creating eye-catching job postings, increasing online visibility, and hosting job fairs, and in-person events.

Leverage technology to find candidates

You can also use technology to find candidates. Many firms are using online recruitment software to hire amazing candidates. You can use software platforms and applications to screen candidates and streamline your hiring process. Technology can help you find the best candidates, which helps save time and energy. You can also join online communities where recruits discuss topics relevant to your business. You can also participate in hackathons where individuals create solutions to real-world problems.


Finding and hiring the best candidates is critical to the success of any company. They are responsible for creating the products and services that power business operations. But the shortage of well-qualified candidates and booming demand has made the hiring market extremely competitive. However, if you are willing to take the leap and try new methods of recruiting candidates, it is not as difficult as it appears. As a result, knowing how to source effectively and what strategies to employ can help you stand out from the crowd.

The techniques discussed above will definitely help you recruit highly-qualified developers. You'll be able to hire a top-tier development team to assist you in reaching your objectives. In the end, if you want the shortest path with maximum efficiency, you can use Turing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The end-to-end process of effectively sourcing, screening, selecting, and appointing the best-suited candidate to the right role is known as recruitment technique.

Leveraging Internal talent ie. employee referrals are among the most effective business recruitment strategies. Existing employees understand the company culture and typically refer only candidates who they believe are a cultural fit. Employees who are involved in the recruitment process can share job openings with people in their networks.

Recruitment techniques ensures that recruiting processes run smoothly. It regularly provides businesses with all necessary human resources for various job positions.

Planning, sourcing, applicant conversion, the selection process, the interview, reference checks, and onboarding/hire are the stages of recruitment.

Here are some of the modern techniques of recruiting:

  • Hiring through job fairs
  • Leveraging Internal Talent
  • Hiring through Recruitment Agencies
  • Developing a Recruiting Brand

The 3 Cs of recruitment are Clarity, Communication and Closure. Every recruitment process should contain these.

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