How to Attract the Best Candidates: Top Recruitment Techniques Revealed

6 Steps to Create a Thriving Candidate Pool in 2023


  • How to Attract the Best Candidates: Top Recruitment Techniques Revealed

    Mohit Singh

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Frequently Asked Questions

The end-to-end process of effectively sourcing, screening, selecting, and appointing the best-suited candidate to the right role is known as recruitment technique.

Leveraging Internal talent ie. employee referrals are among the most effective business recruitment strategies. Existing employees understand the company culture and typically refer only candidates who they believe are a cultural fit. Employees who are involved in the recruitment process can share job openings with people in their networks.

Recruitment techniques ensures that recruiting processes run smoothly. It regularly provides businesses with all necessary human resources for various job positions.

Planning, sourcing, applicant conversion, the selection process, the interview, reference checks, and onboarding/hire are the stages of recruitment.

Here are some of the modern techniques of recruiting:

  • Hiring through job fairs
  • Leveraging Internal Talent
  • Hiring through Recruitment Agencies
  • Developing a Recruiting Brand

The 3 Cs of recruitment are Clarity, Communication and Closure. Every recruitment process should contain these.

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