How to Interview Candidates? 14 Effective Recruiting Tips

how to interview candidates


  • How to Interview Candidates? 14 Effective Recruiting Tips

    Mohak Sethi

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many ways to interview potential candidates for a job; you should always Plan ahead of time, ask open-ended questions, be professional, and stay courteous. You can take notes of candidates' expertise or hobbies (things not mentioned in the CV) and follow up with candidates immediately.

A good interview is well-organized, professional, and focuses on the candidate's skills and expertise. To better understand the applicant, the interviewer should be an attentive listener and offer follow-up questions.

Start the interview by introducing yourself, explaining the company and the position, and then asking the candidate to introduce themselves, where they can provide some background information about their experience and skill-set. If the interview is in the later stage of recruitment, you can ask about their journey throughout the hiring process.

To make candidates feel at ease, give clear information about the interview process and provide a comfortable setting (online or in-person). Create a rapport by inquiring about their hobbies, and remain courteous and friendly during the interview.

The STAR technique is a way of interviewing in which applicants are asked to describe a specific Situation or Task they encountered, the Action they took, and the Result or outcome of their efforts. It allows you to evaluate their problem-solving ability, communication skills, and job fit.

To measure cultural fit and work style, ask open-ended questions that allow the candidate to offer thorough replies, situational questions relating to job tasks, and behavioral questions.

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