How to Measure & Maximize Developer Productivity? - A Quick Guide

Measure & Maximize Developer Productivity


  • How to Measure & Maximize Developer Productivity? - A Quick Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Measuring developer productivity is not an easy task. While you need to track the work accomplished by the developer, checking the quality and effectiveness of the job is equally crucial. By considering these two criteria, you can ensure the developer delivers productive results.

While there are many ways to improve developer productivity at work, top 3 ways would include:

  • Reviewing goals regularly
  • Motivating the team
  • Avoiding multitasking

Whenever you hire a new developer or team of developers, don't expect maximum productivity from the beginning. It takes at least a couple of weeks for them to settle down with the work culture. An average employee may also take up to six months to become fully competent.

A good developer team knows its customers and can create the product as required. They are capable of making the right technical decisions, and besides technical excellence, they are known for their accountability.

There are some ways to motivate your non-productive developers and get them enthusiastic. You can restructure the job, make tasks more challenging, set goals and celebrate success, offer regular recognition and rewards for results, and focus on the employee-employer relationship. These will help you deal effectively with your underperforming employees.

With improved productivity, the developers can accomplish their tasks quickly with more efficiency while giving the competitors an edge. Increased productivity enables companies to reduce expenses and deliver products and services faster. It leads to increased competitiveness as well as higher customer satisfaction.

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