What Is ValueError in Python and How to Fix It?

What is ValueError in Python and How to fix it


  • What Is ValueError in Python and How to Fix It?

    S.Harihara Sudhan

    Harihara Sudhan is an upcoming data scientist in Japan and actively participates in writing technical blogs. He is an open-source contributor who has contributed technical writing to many events. He has developed many contents in machine learning, Information technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Python, exceptions are caught and dealt with using the try and except commands for the statements with exception-raising potential. The code that will be prone to exceptions is written inside the try block and the exception message should be written inside except block.

While supplying arguments with the incorrect value (such as a number outside of expected boundaries) should result in a ValueError, passing arguments of the incorrect type (such as passing a list when an int is intended) should result in a TypeError.

An Exception may represent conditions that a program should strive to capture, but an Error may represent serious issues that would be unreasonable for it to catch.

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