Top Books on SQL Every Software Developer Should Read

Top SQL books for software developers


  • Top Books on SQL Every Software Developer Should Read

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are completely new to SQL and want to acquire foundational knowledge about this technology and its concepts then you need at least two to three weeks. However, for advanced learning, you may need more time.

The best SQL books for a complete novice learner are SQL Quickstart Guide and SQL All In One for Dummies. If you talk about advanced learning options then SQL Cookbook and SQL Practice Problems are fairly decent choices.

SQL was designed by Donald D. Chamberlin and Raymond F. Boyce and it first appeared in 1974.

SQL is an old yet massive development technology with great scope in the coming years as well. In the coming years, its scope will not just be limited to computer science. Instead, it is expected to extend to the streams like finance, science, technology, etc.

Books are a great option to gain a better and more detailed understanding of any topic. In the same way, SQL books will help you gain a detailed understanding of the SQL topics and supportive reasons behind every topic you learn in the books.

Python and SQL are quite different as the SQL queries are dependent on functions whereas Python makes use of programming libraries for any given development project. Another major difference is that Python is used for manipulating and analyzing data whereas SQL is used for accessing and extracting data from a given database.

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