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Top 10 C# Developers’ Tools for Heightened Productivity

Top Best 10 tools for C# developers

Considered as a C and C++ hybrid, C# (pronounced C-sharp) programming language is a natural, modern, object-oriented language that enables programmers to build a lot of robust and secure applications. One of such features is the virtual execution system called .NET, which houses a set of class libraries and a CLR (common language runtime). With the help of .NET, C# has become a very versatile and handy language. In this article, we are going to be taking a detailed look at some top tools that are useful for C# developers.

What are C# tools

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C# developers’ tools are programs created to assist developers build, test, and debug softwares. They are mostly described as software development/maintenance kits as they may be development components, deployment tools, maintenance tools, and others that are made available from time to time for constant deployment and maintenance of C# built services and applications.

Relevance of C# language and its tools

The C# language is so useful, due to its versatility in building windows desktop applications and tons of other interesting applications. Some of the most important points that puts C# out in the spotlight as an attractive language for most developers include:

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Top 10 C# developer tools

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For C# developers who work with the .NET infrastructure, several C# tools boost productivity to a large extent. So, we will be looking at the best tools for c# development from 5 different categories, which are:

  • IDEs (Integrated Development Environment)
  • Visual Studio extensions
  • Compilers, serialers, and editors
  • Build automation and merging tools
  • Code conversion tools and Decompilers


1. MonoDevelop: Built to support cross-platform development, developers can use it to create web and desktop applications on Linux, Mac OS X, and windows. It incorporates several key features such as

  • Multiple languages
  • Code completion and debugging
  • Code templating and folding

2. Visual Studio Code (VS Code): This is the most popular code editor in C#. It supports powerful editing and has IntelliSense and Debugging features. Other features include:

  • Runs on Node JS
  • Auto-complete with context awareness
  • Extensive features to enhance platform performance
  • Has Git integration for version control

Visual Studio extensions

3. jQuery code snippets: This productivity extension is one of the popular C# tools that simplifies the coding process by offering an excess of 130 snippets for the Visual Studio, for 5 versions from 2012 through 2017. Other features are:

  • Easy and the best tool for novice jQuery developers
  • Has support for all versions of Visual Studio

4. Refactoring essentials: This is a VC extension that makes codes in C# easier to read and helps in fixing errors. Other exciting features are:

  • Has in-built code converters for VB and C#
  • Finds style mismatches in codebases
  • Open-source

Compilers, serializers, and editors

5. SlickEdit: SlickEdit is a cross-platform code editing tool that improves the quality of codes. Its eye-catching features are:

  • Supports more than 60 languages across nine platforms
  • Has backup history
  • Allows for quick assessing and debugging of errors found
  • Multiple sensors and selections
  • Syntax expansion and indenting
  • Can handle large files of up to 2 terabyte

6. Jdoodle: Jdoodle is a lightweight code compiler that supports 63 languages and can be used to share saved programs through a URL. Its features include:

  • Allows for the embedding of codes to websites that can be used for collaboration
  • Allows for compilation and execution of programs using APIs
  • Allows for testing of small codes without involving IDEs

Build automation and merging tools

7. Cake Build: Cake Build is a cross-platform open source automation tool that uses C# DSK for compiling codes, building NuGet packages, copying, compressing files, copying folders, and running unit tests. Key features include:

  • Very extensible
  • Available on Mac OS X, Linux, and windows
  • Supports other tools like NUnit, WiX, SignTool, MSBuild, MSTest, xUnit, ILMerge, and MSTest

8. FinalBuilder: This is an automation tool that does not require XML edits or script writing to automate the build process. Key features are:

  • Integration of Jenkins, Continua CI, and other CI servers
  • Finds, debugs and builds scripts
  • Enables scheduling of scripts using windows scheduler
  • Enables visual debugging

Code conversion tools and decompilers

9. dotPeek: This is an independent decompiler based on ReSharper’s bundled decompiler that enables decompiling of .NET assemblies into C#. Other key features are:

  • Supports other formats such as .dll, .exe, and .winmd
  • Good search and navigation features
  • Saves decompiled assemblies as VS (Visual Studio) projects

10. JustDecompile: JustDecompile is a decent open-source decompiling engine from Telerik. Its key features are:

  • Quick code navigation
  • It is extensible with open API
  • Allows bookmarking of usages in loaded assemblies
  • Ease of switch between assembles in tabs as well as methods
  • Allows for the creation of visual studio projects from decompiled assembly


Developing applications with C# Tools are an interesting process. This is due to the various developing tools made available for developers that automate, simplify, and quicken the whole process from the build stage, to deployment, testing, and debugging. These tools listed here are not just necessary tools but essentialities that ensure improved productivity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is essential for graphics tools and visual editing support for coding on the .NET infrastructure.

IDE means Integrated Development Environment. This is a framework where codes can be written, run, and debugged.

There are a lot of tools that can work best with C#. A few of them are Visual Studio Code, MonoDevelop, SlickEdit, and Jdoodle.

Yes. C# is a beneficial language software developers use to develop a wide range of web application projects.

There are a couple of free compiling tools for public use; some include Mono and Visual Studio Express with a compiler.

There are a lot of useful tools for developers using C#. Each of these tools has its specific and a few of the best include IDEs, Visual Studio extensions, compilers, build automation, and what have you.

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