How Does a Smart Contract Work in Blockchain Using Vyper?

smart contract on blockchain using vyper


  • How Does a Smart Contract Work in Blockchain Using Vyper?


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Frequently Asked Questions

A smart contract is a digital agreement that stores rules for negotiating the terms of the contract, automatically verifies the fulfillment, and then executes the agreed terms.

Remix IDE is used to compile and deploy a Vyper smart contract remotely.

Vyper is a popular programming language used to write smart contracts. It is based on Python.

A smart contract is a program that is stored on the blockchain and executes an agreement after verifying that certain conditions are met. Vyper is often used to create a smart contract. It executes on EVM, which is a decentralized computer.

The various parts of a Vyper smart contract include version pragma, state variables, functions, events, interface, and structs.

Since a smart contract uses the blockchain, it inherits the same properties. These include being immutable, distributed, transparent, and secure.

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