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Top Books on Redux Every Software Developer Should Read

Top Books on Redux for Software Developer

Redux is a popular state management library used for React applications. It is a highly useful technology for those who work on React and want to determine the application state to speed up development. One of the best resources to learn Redux is through books as you can master it at your own pace.

If you are a React developer looking to upscale your skills, here are the best Redux books to read.

What is Redux?

Redux is a state container for ReactJS apps. It helps in writing applications that perform consistently and are capable of running on a server, native, and client environment while also providing ease of testing. It allows centralizing the application’s state and debugging it with the help of Redux DevTools. It can work with all the UI layers and offers plenty of add-ons.

Top Redux books for beginners

Finding the right Redux book can be time-consuming which is why we have curated this list of the best!

Redux in Action

Redux in Action.webp

Redux in Action is one of the best Redux books for those hoping to understand the key aspects of the technology. It is authored by Marc Garreau, who is an expert on the subject, and covers all the important aspects of Redux. Mark Erikson, co-maintainer of Redux, even recommends it.

The book is a comprehensive guide on how Redux can be used for React applications. It begins with the basic concepts and gradually progresses to advanced topics. It introduces readers to key aspects, such as the basics of actions, reducers, and their use with application structure, testing, performance, etc. It also explains the merits and demerits of various approaches that you can use in Redux.

Redux Quick Start Guide: A Beginner's Guide to Managing App State with Redux

Redux Quick Start Guide.webp

The Redux Quick Start Guide is a book that is loved by readers. Co-authored by Suresh Kumar Mukhiya, Tao Wei, and James Lee, who are experts on the subject, it is ideal for beginners looking to learn the basics of Redux.

It starts by providing an overview of Redux using a test-driven approach to development for working on single-page projects. It explains how to perform testing using Jest for Redux, React, Reducers, Redux-Saga, and other associated components.

It explains the use of data structures like List, Map, OrderedList, and set from Immutable.js. The quick start guide also explains how to add UI with the help of Redux Form, Ant Design, and ReactJS.

Taming the State in React

Taming the State in React.webp

This book is written by Robin Wieruch, the author of The Road to Learn React, and explains Redux in complete association with React. As the title suggests, it explores how a programmer can tame the state in React. It takes the reader through the basics and advanced level state management under React.

The book begins by explaining Redux and how it works, after which it dives into complex topics. The latter part explains how to name and normalize asynchronous and selector actions.

It is a highly rated Redux book as it helps learners consistently study state management. By the end of it, you will become a lot more knowledgeable about setting up and creating React applications with Redux.

Top Redux books for intermediate learners

Learning Redux

Learning Redux.webp

Authored by Daniel Bugl, Learning Redux focuses on how to create consistent applications by leveraging Redux for centralizing state management. The book starts by introducing the Redux ecosystem and its principles to provide functional knowledge. It explains how you can implement the basic Redux elements for state management. It also teaches how Redux can be integrated with Angular and React. In addition, it illustrates how to develop a blog application and use Redux DevTools for debugging a program.

Learning Redux covers accessing external APIs and writing tests for Redux application elements. It also covers topics like routing, communication, and authentication in web development. By the end of the book, you will be able to create and manage Redux applications smoothly.

Functional Architecture with React and Redux

Functional Architecture with React and Redux.webp

This book is written by Cristian Salcescu who has also written several books on React and other programming technologies. It is among the newer titles on the technology and explains Redux topics in conjunction with React.

It belongs to the practical-based category of Redux books which explains everything with examples for memorizing concepts. By following a series of steps, you will learn to create various applications with a decent level of complexity. The book has been tagged as one of the best new Redux books by Book Authority.

Redux Made Easy with Rematch: Reduce Redux Boilerplate and Apply Best Practices with Rematch

Redux Made Easy with Rematch.webp

Redux Made Easy with Rematch is written by Sergio Moreno, a highly experienced frontend developer. It teaches how to build a complete real-life application on your own. It explains the features of Rematch for application creation to reduce Redux boilerplate.

The book offers a series of hands-on tutorials followed by self-assessment questions to self-evaluate your knowledge as you learn. It is presented as an easy-to-follow guide that begins by explaining the basic concepts of the topic. It then takes you through the advanced layers of Rematch. The book is fairly simple to read and is a great guide for learners who are just getting started with Redux.

The Complete Redux Book

The Complete Redux Book.webp

The Complete Redux Book is another option that teaches the art of managing large states during the production process and undertaking form validations. It will help you learn and understand the inner workings of Redux and the technique of using it to address real programming challenges.

The book may be a little complex for beginners as it is suited to those who are efficient with React. Once completed, readers will become proficient in building diverse projects by leveraging the potential of Redux.

Factors to consider before buying Redux books

Books can be a great choice to better understand programming languages, but choosing the right one can often be tricky. Here is what you should consider before buying a React Redux book.

1. Ratings and reviews: The first factor to keep in mind is reviews. Once you shortlist a few Redux books for yourself, check the ratings and opt for those with four stars and above.

2. Author’s Redux experience: Next, check the author and their experience with Redux. You want to choose Redux books that have been written by experts.

3. Complexity: Lastly, consider the complexity of the book. Go through reader experiences and reviews so you know the direction it takes and the topics it covers.


Learning Redux can seem overwhelming if you do not have prior knowledge of JavaScript and React. However, it is still a learnable technology with the right set of Redux books. The list above can make the learning curve easier and help you gain a more in-depth understanding of Redux quickly.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Redux is a state management library for React that provides supportive tooling for application development. It helps developers speed up the development time of React applications as it frequently updates the state of the project and simplifies debugging.

There are over 2,000 companies that use Redux, including leading market players like Amazon and Instagram.

If you are completely new to Redux, the Redux Quick Start Guide is the best book for you to begin with. If you have some knowledge of this technology, you can choose Redux in Action or Taming the State in React.

If you know programming and are proficient with React, Redux is an easy pick. However, if you are new to programming, it can be a tad difficult to learn.

If you are a developer with some programming experience and have basic knowledge of state management then learning Redux will take just 1 or 2 weeks. However, if you are completely new, you will have to invest more time.

Yes, Redux is still used in 2023 but isn't as popular as other state management libraries.

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