How to Create React Search Component Using React Hooks

How to Create React Search Component using React Hooks


  • How to Create React Search Component Using React Hooks

    Timonwa Akintokun

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can create a search component in Reactjs by using a text input field and a button to trigger the search functionality. The text input field can capture the user's search query, and the button can be clicked to initiate the search.

You can get the search input value in React by using the "onChange" event listener on the text input field. This will allow you to capture the user's input as they type, and update the search query accordingly.

You can create a dynamic search box in Reactjs by using the "useState" hook to manage the state of the search query. You can then pass the search query as a prop to your search component, and use it to filter your search results dynamically as the user types.

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