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Top Golang Developer Tools, Frameworks, and Ides for Increasing Productivity

Popular Golang Developer Tools and Frameworks

Go/Golang has been popular ever since it was developed. Golang developers tools have helped beginners and experienced developers alike to build and sharpen their programming skills. In this article, we take a close look at a few Golang developer tools, their workings, benefits, and much more.

An overview of Golang

Golang was designed to be a language that would be easy to learn for programmers who were already familiar with C-style languages. It is used for developing server-side applications, including web apps, command-line tools, and system programs.

5 key features of Golang language.webp

Golang tools have been utilized in many organizations to cater to their development needs. Let’s have a look at how Golang developers employ readily available tools to boost productivity. But before that, here’s a quick run of Golang itself.

Golang developer tools

Golang developer tools can help with code formatting, code completion, lining, testing, and debugging. Most of them are available as plugins for popular text editors and IDEs.

Let’s explore them.

Golang developer tools for code formatting

The Go programming language has a tool called gofmt which formats Go source code. The tool can be used to format code so that it is more readable and consistent.

gofmt can also be used to fix code that does not adhere to the Go code style. It uses a simple, predictable, and human-readable format that makes it easy to read and write code.

Golang developer tools for code completion

The Go programming language has a tool called gocode that provides code completion for Go source code. It can be used to automatically complete code snippets based on the context in which they are used.

Golang developer tools for linting

Golint is a linting tool for Golang that helps lint the Go source code. It can be used to find errors in the Go source code, find code that does not adhere to the Go code style, and can find style errors and potential bugs.

Golang developer tools for testing

The Go language tool known as gotest can be used for testing Go applications. It runs unit tests and generates test coverage reports.

Golang developer tools for debugging

Delve (dlv) serves as a tool for debugging Go applications. It can be used to inspect variables, set breakpoints, and step through code.

Other widely used Golang development tools include:

  • Goimports, which automatically updates import paths for the Go source code. It can add missing imports, remove unused imports, and update existing import paths.
  • Godoc, a tool that generates documentation for the Go source code. It can generate documentation in HTML, Markdown, or plain text format.
  • Gorename, a Golang developer tool that renames symbols in Go source code. It can rename variables, functions, types, and constants.
  • Govet, a tool that performs static analysis on Go source code. It can find bugs and errors in code.
  • Goinstall, which helps to install the Go binaries to the local system or to a remote system.
  • Gorun, which assists in running the Go source code. It can run code locally or on a remote system.
  • Gobuild, a tool that builds Go binaries for the local system or a remote one.

Widely used Golang frameworks and best golang IDEs

The Go programming language has been around for a while now and continues to gain popularity. It is efficient in terms of performance and memory usage. Designed by some of the best minds in the industry, it also has a very active community.

Here’s a look at a few widely used Golang frameworks.

Golang frameworks

Top 5 Golang frameworks.webp

  • Gin

Gin framework logo.webp

Gin is a web framework written in Golang. It features a Martini-like API with much better performance - up to 40 times faster. It is also a lot more modular and provides better structure for large projects.

  • Beego

Beego framework logo.webp

Beego is another popular web framework for Go. It is inspired by the Django framework for Python. It provides an MVC structure and has many built-in features such as session management, logging, and an ORM.

  • Revel

Revel framework logo.webp

Revel is a high-productivity web framework for Go that delivers on the promise of "fast development, high productivity". It provides everything you need to get started on a web project, from routing to templating to security.

  • Buffalo

Buffalo framework logo.webp

Buffalo is a web development toolkit for Go which is designed to make web development faster, easier, and more fun. It provides a number of features such as hot reloading, asset compilation, and request routing.

  • Iris

Iris framework logo.webp

Iris is a web framework for Go that is designed to be fast, simple, and lightweight. It has a rich set of features including sessions, caching, and templating.

Golang IDEs

Top 7 Golang IDE.webp

There are many Golang IDEs available that can help the development process. One of the most popular is Visual Studio Code, which is a free and open-source IDE. Developed by Microsoft, it has excellent Golang support and many plugins are available for it.

Other famous Golang IDEs are:

  • IntelliJ IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA logo.webp

A top IDE for Golang, IntelliJ IDEA is famous for its vast array of features and plugins. It has great support for Golang development and provides a built-in debugger and test runner.

  • Eclipse

Eclipse IDE logo.webp

Eclipse is another popular IDE that provides excellent Golang support. It has a built-in debugger and supports many Golang plugins.

  • Atom

Atom IDE logo.webp

Atom is a popular open-source IDE that is highly customizable. Like the above two, it has good Golang support and many plugins.

  • JetBrains GoLand

JetBrains GoLand IDE logo.webp

This is a popular IDE that is designed specifically for Golang development. It has many features and plugins that make Golang development easier.

  • Sublime Text

Sublime Text IDE logo.webp

Sublime Text is a popular cross-platform IDE known for its speed and flexibility. It has Golang support and numerous plugins.

  • Vim

Vim IDE logo.webp

Vim is a text editor that is highly configurable. It also has Golang support and many plugins.

  • Emacs

Emacs IDE logo.webp

Known for its extensibility, Emacs is a popular text editor with Golang support.


Overall, Golang developer tools are robust and well-built. They offer a great deal of flexibility and customizability, making them a great choice for those who want to be able to tailor their development environment to their specific needs. Additionally, the Golang community is extremely active and supportive, which makes it a great option for developers who want to be able to get help and advice from their peers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Golang is best suited for developing large-scale, high-performance systems. Some benefits of using Golang include simplicity, efficiency, and scalability. Additionally, Golang is a statically typed language which can help to prevent errors.

Different developers have different preferences. However, some popular IDEs for Golang development include JetBrains GoLand, Eclipse IDE for Go, and Visual Studio Code.

Caching data is one of the most effective techniques to speed up Golang and avoid needless database requests. Parallelism is another approach. It allows you to conduct many activities simultaneously, saving time and improving application performance.

Several popular plugins can be used with Golang like Gocode, gorename, and gofmt.

You can build various applications with Golang, including web applications, command line applications, distributed systems, etc.

Golang can be used to build web applications, command line applications, and distributed systems, among others.

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