Know How to Optimize the Swift Array With ContiguousArray

Optimizing Swift Array with ContiguousArray


  • Know How to Optimize the Swift Array With ContiguousArray

    Sanskriti Singh

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Frequently Asked Questions

The ContiguousArray type is a specialized array that always stores elements in contiguous memory areas. The Array class, on the other hand, can store its elements either contiguously or in an NSArray instance, depending on whether the element type is a class or an @objc protocol.

In terms of initialization, arrays are faster than sets. Hashing slows down the initialization of a set compared to an array. Arrays can store duplicate elements. In a set, you cannot have duplicate elements. In direct comparison, sets are faster than arrays, especially when it comes to running queries faster: IndexOf() and includes() are slow methods for checking whether an item exists in an array.

Arrays consist of contiguous memory locations that contain the same types of elements that can be accessed individually via indexes referring to unique elements. You can declare five int values as arrays without declaring five separate variables (each with its unique identifier).

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