Best JavaScript Developer Tools for Increasing Productivity


  • Best JavaScript Developer Tools for Increasing Productivity


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Frequently Asked Questions

JavaScript Development Tools (JSDT) are tools and plugins that implement an integrated development environment (IDE). JSDT helps and supports the development process by reducing the work of developers, thanks to the easy-to-use and flexible environment. Such tools prove very helpful as they increase productivity.

There are a plethora of tools available in JavaScript, all serving one or the other purpose. Gulp, Browserify, React, NPM, Angular, and Mocha are some of the leading JavaScript tools that you can use.

For JavaScript, you need to have task runners, module bundlers, package managers, libraries, mobile frameworks, and testing frameworks. These six categories will help you in the complete process of building the front end of a website.

Eclipse is one of the best IDE for JavaScript development.

JavaScript is an extremely popular programming language. In the developers’ community, it has gained a reputation for being the “best script language” because of its ability to facilitate the creation of exciting interfaces. It also simplifies the web application development process.

Chrome dev tools are a range of tools that the google browser offers. These tools are helpful in increasing productivity. Here is how you can use them in JavaScript:

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Go to “more settings” in the upper right corner
  • Go to “Advanced” settings
  • In the “Privacy & Security” section, you will find “Content Settings”
  • Select JavaScript
  • Enable the switch

You are done

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