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How to Write a Good Research Paper in the Machine Learning Area

Research paper on Machine Learning.

To write a good research paper in any area is an art. A research paper in any engineering field means proper technical documentation, citations to explain any fundamental theory or survey on any topic or proof of concept using a mathematical model or practical implementation. Using any case studies if there are any findings also falls under the category of a research paper. A good research paper demands research with a completely new architecture, algorithm, or fundamentals. To gain mastery in writing a research paper is, of course, not a single-day job. It’s just like any game; the more you play or practice, the better you get at it. I am sharing a few secret tips for writing an excellent research paper in the Machine Learning area.

The initial step towards writing a good research paper is to select the type of topic. For example, to write a good paper on the machine learning area, first, select the appropriate category of the topic from the following:


Survey paper without implementation

This paper category includes an excessive survey for any machine learning domain. For example, if someone wants to write a research paper on healthcare and machine learning, there will be tons of research already being carried out. To summarize that work in the single paper by finding some interesting facts can be enough to start with survey paper writing.

Following are very good websites to check for the latest research papers.

  • Google scholar (
  • DBLP - computer science bibliography (
  • WorldWideScience (
  • Science.Gov (
  • Virtual learning resources Center (
  • BASE (

You can download research papers from sites as mentioned above, and then you can take any particular application or algorithm and check for advancement in it. Finally, prepare the summarized table of all the research held in your selected area with proper citation, its merits, and demerits.

Survey paper with implementation

If you wish to write a survey paper with implementation, you should select a topic and get the dataset for that domain. Following are the websites to get a free dataset.

  • Kaggle (
  • Google dataset search (
  • Open data portal (
  • AWS open data (
  • Academic torrents (

For example, using various machine learning algorithms, you can select the topic as employee attrition prediction. Next, you can take publicly available datasets, apply supervised or unsupervised machine learning algorithms, and check the accuracy. Finally, show the comparative table of all five or six algorithms you are using for that dataset and conclude the best algorithm for your chosen problems.

Paper with just proof of concept

This category of paper requires in-depth knowledge of the selected area. Here, you must understand any available machine learning or deep learning algorithm and optimize it by modifying it or analyzing it mathematically. This paper showcases the brief, logical and technical proof of the proposed new architecture or algorithm.

Developing a new machine learning algorithm

Machine learning is still an emerging field. However, there are many application areas of machine learning algorithms like agriculture, health, social media, computer vision, image processing, NLP, sentimental analysis, recommender system, prediction, business analytics, and almost all the fields can directly or indirectly use machine learning in one or another way.

Any machine learning algorithm developed for one application may not work with the same efficiency on another application. Most of the algorithms are application-specific. So, there is always a scope to design a new algorithm for the application. For example, if you wish to apply machine learning for mangrove classification from satellite images, then there is a need to modify any available algorithm that is good for camera-captured images and not satellite images. So it gives scope to create or modify the available algorithm.

Developing new architecture

IoT, which is the Internet of Things, is an emerging field in the computer science area. As described in the previous point, machine learning can be applied in almost all areas. So, whenever you wish to include ML in IoT, it gives rise to new IoT+ML architecture. Such type of paper includes newly developed architecture for any technology. Green IoT, Privacy-Preserving ML, IoTML, Healthcare, ML, and more, are areas where there is huge research scope for new or modified architecture.

Comparison of various Machine Learning algorithms

This category of paper sounds more like a survey paper. The paper title for such category includes; “House price prediction: Survey of various machine learning algorithms.” Thus, such a paper includes one problem domain, and all the possible implementations which already people have done are documented using proper citations. The main novelty of this type of paper lies in the summarized table, which includes algorithms, methods, merits, and demerits of using that algorithm for a given problem domain.

Analysis for any manually collected data

This kind of paper is generally preferred in MBA Programme. Here researcher sends Google form or any physical questionaries’ to the end-users. The data is collected as per the user experience. Such collected data is then applied to any machine learning model for classification or prediction. Sometimes it can also be used to perform regression analysis. It can also be used for any data collected for business analytics. For example, searching buyers’ buying patterns or churn prediction.

Applying ML algorithms for prediction or classification

It is a purely implementation-based category. The first step here will be to define the problem statement, then select the proper suitable dataset for it, and divide the data into training and testing sets. Then assign the target variable in case of supervised learning. Fit the appropriate machine learning model. Evaluate the result.

To sum up, the points mentioned above, research paper writing is not a skill that can be acquired in a few minutes, but it is the skill you acquire with more and more practice. To write a good research paper, one should be very clear with the objectives. Then, perform the implementation parts and demonstrate the results fruitfully.



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