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How is Data Science Application Transforming Industries?

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Data science is a broad scientific domain that includes data mining, machine learning, and data analytics, among other related disciplines. The modern era of business operations is highly centered on data science and its influence on policy implementation.

Data empowers business decisions based on facts, statistics, patterns, and trends. However, with so much data being generated, it is important to curate that data and use important indicators to improve enterprises' productivity and functionality. Today, data science is at the core of all major executive decisions that successful enterprises make.

In this blog, let me walk you through how the applications of data science transform industries. This will help you to prepare for the best remote data scientist jobs.

Application of Data Science

Data science applications in different industries

Today almost all the major industries use data science to improve the efficiency of their operations and make smarter decisions based on predictive models for the future.

Some significant sectors where data science has made a big impact are healthcare, finance, manufacturing, sports, transport, and e-commerce. We will briefly examine how data science impacts some of these industries, and the product changes it has brought to their workflows.


Healthcare is one of the biggest beneficiaries of data science technologies and their implementation in numerous industry frameworks. Medical imaging analytics, drug discovery, and genetics sequencing are different branches of healthcare that use data science to improve efficiency.

Medical imaging analytics:

  • Medical imaging analytics provide advanced applications for finding patterns and flaws in medical reports and imagery. Earlier, this was done manually by doctors and medical professionals.
  • However, with the advanced image recognition tools provided by data scientists, the accuracy and efficiency of diagnosis have improved considerably.
  • The different frameworks and modules such as MapReduce help medical professionals diagnose various diseases, including detection of organ delineation and tumors, among other anomalies.

Discovery of drugs

  • Discovering a new cure is a very comprehensive process that needs years of testing and research before it can be approved for manufacturing.
  • Data science significantly reduces the research time by providing more accurate insight into the success rate of the newly developed drug. Machine learning can also analyze different drug combinations and their impact on the gene structure.


The finance sector is one of the big consumers of data science for improving its processes and providing more structured and efficient solutions to end-users. Data science is used for fraud or risk detection and a wide range of other financial tasks, including model sustainability and cost-efficiency.

The predictive analysis model is a significant application of data science in finance. Data science uses advanced algorithms on large datasets to create models that better predict customer behavior, market trends, and financial risks. This helps immensely to improve the decision-making process at every stage through scientific analysis.


Data science plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry through advanced applications that have revolutionized manufacturing processes. It is primarily used to optimize the manufacturing of products and reduce costs, contributing to increased profits.

Data science also provides IoT (Internet of Things) for enabling companies to predict future problems and gives the framework to monitor systems through continuous data stream analysis. It also offers a constant analysis of energy costs and customer reviews that help improve product quality.


Sports is another big industry that has recently started using data science on a large scale. Sports is a highly competitive, multi-billion dollar industry with huge stakes associated with winning and losing. Thus it was natural to integrate data science methodologies to improve decision-making and gain an advantage over rivals. Data science is used in sports to enhance athletes' fitness, improve the team or individual strategies, and provide more productive engagement with the fans.

Advanced analysis of athletes provides comprehensive data on training patterns, diet, and how those aspects can be customized for creating better fitness results. Regarding team analysis, data science offers sophisticated learning models for better results.

This is done by utilizing deep neural networks and support vector machines to help the team management identify winning strategies and the best combinations for boosting the probability of wins. Machine learning also uses data analysis for determining the best strategies associated with increasing the quality of fan engagement and reforming digital transactions with them.


Data science has transformed the transportation industry through efficient models for better management and monitoring of traffic and infrastructural projects. For instance, advanced data analysis identifies accident hotspots and creates a shortlist of high-risk locations. This data can be used for implementing improved preventive measures and better monitoring to provide optimized routes to the traffic.

Besides that, data science is also used by automobile manufacturers for the production of more efficient and sustainable car models in the market. Air traffic management is also a vital application of data science in the industry, which is increasingly used by airline authorities to enhance air traffic management.


The e-commerce sector uses data science to optimize product sales and customer services. The recommendation system is a significant data science application that provides smart product suggestions to customers based on their previous activities.

Data science uses complex machine learning algorithms for tracking customer behavior and analyzing their consumption pattern to give highly accurate suggestions based on the processed data. These personalized recommendations help customers find suitable products more efficiently and enjoy a better experience on e-commerce platforms. Besides this, data science is also used to optimize the price structures of products for achieving maximum sales based on advanced analysis. Data science application also helps with better inventory management. Improved customer engagement metrics provide lifetime value prediction and high-value customer feedback analysis for improved productivity.

Examples of data science applications

Several excellent examples and applications of data science have profoundly impacted and improved the overall efficiency of business operations. Here we have enlisted some of the most effective and successful data science applications that have moved the needle in their respective fields.

Machine learning for metastasis from Google

  • Google has developed a data science application tool known as LYNA, which is used to identify the metastasis of breast cancer tumors to the surrounding lymph nodes.
  • Such tumors can be challenging to detect with the human eye; however, the lymph node assistant tool (LYNA) developed by Google accurately identifies metastatic cancer using machine learning in almost 99% of the cases.
  • There is still some time to go before it is deployed in mainstream hospitals, but this has provided a significant step forward in metastatic cancer detection.

StreetLight data

  • StreetLight utilizes data science for modeling traffic patterns on American streets. This application uses numerous data points from smartphones, navigation devices, and related tools to provide updated traffic maps.
  • This application provides more detailed and granular data compared to some of the mainstream mapping apps available in the market.
  • This tool can identify precise data related to a group of passengers and contributes to a more accurate traffic analysis, which helps plan enterprises.

Network Planning Tools (NPT)

  • United Parcel Service (UPS) utilizes data science modeling to optimize the transportation of packages from source to destination.
  • It uses a tool known as Network Planning Tools (NPT), which integrates AI and machine learning to resolve logistical challenges and finds ways to provide package rerouting in lousy weather conditions or adverse situations.
  • The NPT enables engineers to simulate various solutions and then pick the best from that list for maximum productivity. - This application is estimated to provide considerable savings to UPS in the forthcoming years.

Data analytics model in football

  • Sports in general, and football in particular, is one of the latest entrants into the data science domain.
  • The data analytics model powered by data science is increasingly being used by all the major football clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City, and Liverpool, among others. This model provides advanced analysis of player recruits - their strengths and weaknesses.
  • It is also used to generate comprehensive detailing of team strategies for providing a better platform for teams to perform in matches.

Automated ad placement at Sovrn

  • Sovrn is responsible for brokering the deals between advertisers and outlets such as ESPN, Encyclopedia Brittanica, and Bustle.
  • Since these advertising deals frequently happen every day, Sovrn has mined large sets of data for critical insights that have manifested into smart advertising campaigns and technology.
  • The data science model is compatible with Amazon and Google’s server bidding platforms, and the interface can be utilized to monetize media through very little human intervention. The data model also provides targeted advertising campaigns with custom targets and requirements.

Content curation at Instagram

  • Instagram uses advanced data science technologies to profile its users through their activities over time.
  • The company uses data provided by its users, including likes and comments, for building powerful algorithms and predictive models for determining areas of interest for the users.
  • This data is used to push targeted and recommended content to users aligned with their interests and activities.
  • Though there have been questions about user data privacy, there is no question about the effectiveness and accuracy of its data science algorithms.

How is data science improving productivity for businesses?

Data science is a critical part of modern enterprises and the success of the business operation is closely tied to the efficiency of data science. An enterprise must have a coherent and efficient strategy for its various departments like human resources, marketing, sales, and operations.

This strategy is guided by effective data collection and analysis conducted by competent professionals. Let us look at how data science impacts the different domains across industries.

  • Recruitment: HR directors increasingly use processed data for identifying the most capable people for hire. This goes a long way in boosting the productivity of businesses as data indicators identify the right parameters that help in hiring more competent candidates.

  • Marketing: The marketing departments can use market segmentation data to identify customers willing to purchase the products or services. This helps immensely in shaping marketing campaigns to provide better results.

  • Business strategy: Business executives might look at bigger trends like changes in the price of resources, manufacturing, or shipping to make suitable decisions. By practically using data through data science, enterprises can streamline the process of product manufacturing and deliver it to customers.

Without the availability of meaningful data, companies tend to indulge in flawed decision-making that might involve paying more for resources or shotgun advertising, which can adversely impact the overall output of the company. Analyzing the data and then incorporating that information within the business strategy is one of the most crucial aspects of successful business operations in modern times.

Data analysis is used for fulfilling various critical criteria that include mapping the company's performance, improving customer experience with the brand, making quicker decisions and solving problems, measuring the enterprise's success, and understanding the market. Data science is going to drive technological innovation for the next generation of digital applications. You can hire data scientists through Turing to lead your next big project.

Wrapping up

Data science has changed the landscape of numerous industries through advanced data analytics and related data modeling techniques. Data science application is driving digital innovation in various domains through the latest tools that deliver on the high-scaling requirements of industries. Some of the crucial data science applications are used in different domains including Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Sports, Transport, and E-commerce. Data science is the foundation on which all the primary tech stacks are likely to take shape in the future.


  • Author bio- Huzefa Chawre

    Huzefa Chawre

    Huzefa is a technical content writer at Turing. He is a computer science graduate and an Oracle certified associate in Database Administration. Beyond that, he loves sports and is a big football, cricket, and F1 aficionado.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data has become increasingly prominent in numerous industries today because of its immense scope and advantages. Some of the core benefits provided by data science include improved decision-making, improved efficiency, and enhanced engagement with customers.

Data science modeling is the process of creating an analytical and descriptive graphic of the relationship between different types of information stored in the database. Data science models are used to analyze the datasets and make smart predictions based on them. Some of the prominent data science models are decision tree, regression analysis, principal component analysis, and support vector machines amongst others.

Data science provides advanced analytics and predictive modeling based on curated data. This has helped businesses to make better decisions and has enhanced the overall efficiency as well as productivity of companies across industries. Due to its immense potential, data science is rightly considered the future of tech.

Ans. Data science empowers businesses to manage, monitor, and gather relevant performance metrics to help them improve decision-making and make enhancements to their workflows. Data science analytics can help improve customer engagement, optimize performance, and enhance overall business productivity.

AI involves imparting autonomy and advanced decision-making to AI models whereas data science is used to build efficient models based on data insights. While some functions of AI and data science overlap with each other, they both serve their own purpose and are both considered the future of the digital revolution.

Ans. Some of the prominent skills needed for a data scientist are probability & statistics, linear algebra, understanding of programming languages, data wrangling, data visualization, database management, and cloud computing among others.

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