Python FastAPI vs Flask: A Detailed Comparison

Python FastAPI vs Flask


  • Python FastAPI vs Flask: A Detailed Comparison


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Frequently Asked Questions

FastAPI is a better choice than Flask when you need to build APIs, especially when microservices must be considered. The only argument in favor of Flask is that it will help you with framework-building tools.

FastAPI is a better option for building APIs than Flask. However, you should choose Flask if your organization already has tools built around it.

It’s a good idea to go with the Flask framework when you need to build a simple microservice with a couple of API endpoints. It’s also suitable when you want to build web application prototypes and machine learning models backed by data science.

The Django vs Flask answer can be summed up as follows: high-traffic websites are usually built on the Flask framework as it performs better than Django. The two share a few similar concepts but Django is more complex when compared to Flask.

Ideally, you should first learn the Flask framework if you want to leverage the capabilities of Django. Basic programming skills are enough to start using Flask, but Django requires more in-depth knowledge. Then again, as your project grows and you need new functionalities, using Flask can become overwhelming, whereas Django makes things easier.

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