Develop Smart and Consistent UI With Angular Material

Consistent UI with Angular Material


  • Develop Smart and Consistent UI With Angular Material

    Srishti Chaudhary

    Srishti is a competent content writer and marketer with expertise in niches like cloud tech, big data, web development, and digital marketing. She looks forward to grow her tech knowledge and skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Material components are the building blocks of the application’s or website user interface. It includes a built-in-states system for actions like selection, hover, press, drag, and others.

Material UI are react components that assist in an easy and quick web development. On the contrary, material design refers to Google Material Design which is a combination of resources, tools, and theory for curating a digital experience.

With Angular Material, you get access to various UI components. Use them strategically for a purposeful layout with a simple interface, color, and texture wherever necessary.

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