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Bootstrap vs Angular Material: Which Should Be Your Front-End Library?

By May 20, 2022 4 min read

Which is better Bootstrap or Angular Material? Can I use Bootstrap for Angular? Is Angular Material good for mobile applications? This blog post will help you answer all these questions. Great websites have excellent user interfaces and offer a user experience of the highest quality. Front-end application development tools like Angular Material and Bootstrap are necessary to create a high-functioning and responsive website.

Angular Material is a User Interface module that offers pre-built component collections for frameworks like Vue.js, Angular, and React among others. The Angular Material component library offers components like input sliders, checkboxes, toolbar, site navigation patterns, buttons, and data tables to make responsive websites and applications.

Bootstrap is an intuitive and open-source CSS framework that helps build attractive web pages and mobile applications. CSS frameworks consist of several ready-to-use stylesheets by web developers. Bootstrap offers an array of CSS and HTML design templates and pre-styled components like dropdowns, badges alert, progress bars, and navigation patterns.

What is the difference between Angular and Angular Material?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework, whereas Angular Material is a User Interface module. Google introduced a design language called Material in 2014 which was later affixed to Angular JS. In 2016, Google built Angular’s code from scratch using Typescript and integrated the design language Material as Angular Material.

Can I use Angular Material and Bootstrap together?

Bootstrap vs Angular Material

Can I use Angular Material and Bootstrap together?

Yes, you can use parts of Angular Material and Bootstrap together in the same web or mobile project. Developers need to be careful not to use the same components, which can clash.

Let’s compare the two

  1. Unique components

    Angular Material and Bootstrap offer a variety of unique components for great website design. The unique components of Angular Material are not found in Bootstrap and vice-versa.

    Angular Material offers unique components like a date picker, slider, grid list, toolbar, icon, snack bar, progress spinner, chips, stepper, and sort header.

    On the other hand, Bootstrap offers unique components like a carousel, collapse, scroll spy, breadcrumb, jumbotron, and popovers.
  1. Card

    In Angular Material and Bootstrap, a card is an entry point for varying items like photos, text, and links for UI design. The card serves as a container for different items related to a single subject.

    Bootstrap offers different color options, whereas Angular Material provides a plain card.
  1. Dialog or Modal

    Dialogs in Angular Material or Modals in Bootstrap refer to plugins that help users add information or choose from multiple options.

    In Angular Material, dialogs help edit present data to pass it to the dialog component. The dialog configuration object utilizes the data property to pass the data.

    Bootstrap uses modals that offer customizable, responsive pop-ups and lightboxes. Videos, alerts, images, and animations can be inside modals.
  1. Menu or Navbar

    Menu in Angular Material or Navbar in Bootstrap help build effective navigation for your website or mobile application.

    Angular Material offers a menu that contains an extensive toolbar and an exceptional sidebar. Developers can attach the menu with different controls and utilize styling and animation options as required.

    Navbar in Bootstrap is a collapsible and extendable item that can do so as per the screen size. Developers who want to achieve responsive navigation can do so easily with Navbar.
  1. Expansion panel

    The expansion panel displays the content summary inside the panel. Developers can choose the content and design format of the panel.

    Expansion Panel in Angular Material is according to the latest user interface design and presents a complete summary to users.

    In Bootstrap, the expansion panel is in a collapsible format that needs some CSS styling improvements to be in sync with the latest design.
  1. Application architecture

    Application architecture refers to the tools, patterns, and designs that help you build and design an application.

    Angular Material offers a layered architecture with all components attached to core functionalities. Developers can choose single components or bundle components together for their applications.

    Bootstrap architecture is a view-view-controller type as it uses two components namely the logic layer and the view layer. Developers can choose from the twelve components of the logic layer and the six modules of the view layer.  Also, Bootstrap supports the MVC architecture design pattern for web pages.
  1. Responsive-oriented approach

    In the responsive-oriented approach, the website design goes through dynamic changes as per the screen size and device orientation.

    Bootstrap supports a responsive-oriented approach, whereas Angular Material does not support a responsive design approach.

What would you pick for your next project?

So, which is better? Bootstrap or Angular Material?

Bootstrap is a responsive framework that can develop user-friendly and modern websites and mobile applications. Angular Material is a User Interface (UI) component library that offers reusable components to speed up your project.

Developers must choose between Bootstrap and Angular Material as per their project timeline and requirements. Also, developers must list the pros and cons of each to pick the most suitable front-end development tool

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  1. Which applications use Bootstrap?

    Some of the popular applications that use Bootstrap are PayPal, WhatsApp, Lyft, Etsy, Apple maps connect, Upwork, and Duolingo among others.

  2. Which popular applications use Angular Material?

    Popular applications that use Angular Material are Gmail, Asana, Momondo, and Airbnb among others.

  3. Is Angular Material easy?

    Developers familiar with the Angular framework can easily utilize the components of Angular Material.

  4. Is Bootstrap like WordPress?

    Bootstrap is a front-end framework that helps with the user interface and website design. WordPress provides both front-end and back-end tools to create a website.

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Bootstrap vs Angular Material: Which Should Be Your Front-End Library?
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Bootstrap vs Angular Material: Which Should Be Your Front-End Library?
Bootstrap is an open-source CSS framework with stylesheets and HTML templates for web design. Angular Material is a component-based user interface module ….


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