Best Lua Books for Beginners and Advanced Developers

Best Lua Books to learn embedding language


  • Best Lua Books for Beginners and Advanced Developers

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Frequently Asked Questions

The latest version of Lua is 5.4.4, released in January 2022.

Some popular Lua libraries include the LuaSocket library for networking, the LuaSec library for security, and the LuaExpat library for XML parsing.

The best way to learn Lua coding is to find an online guide or book for offline studying and practice coding in Lua yourself.

Yes, Lua is a very good language to learn for beginners as has an easy learning curve and the implementation with Roblox makes it much more fun to play with.

Some popular applications written in Lua include the programming game Roblox, the game engine Unity 3D, the media player VLC, and the text editor SciTE.

Yes, it is worth it to give Lua a shot, as a first language or as a side skill, it can help you to look into different perspectives of game development. However, learning another high-demand language with Lua can be much more beneficial.

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