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Top Books on AWS Every Software Developer Should Read

Top Books on AWS for developers

Amazon Web Services or AWS is one of the most popular cloud computing services. Some of the cloud services offered by AWS are LightSail, AWS Lambda, EKS, Elastic beanstalk, Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), etc. are used for various purposes in applications like website hosting, application hosting, data storage, media sharing, backup and recovery, mobile applications, social networking, and more.

AWS is being used by many top companies like Pinterest, Instagram, Netflix, Dropbox, and others. Considering all these advantages, if you want to learn AWS concepts, we suggest the top 10 AWS books here. Enjoy reading!

Benefits of AWS?

Benefits of AWS.webp

There are several globally recognized books on cloud computing and they are listed below:

Top 5 AWS developer books for intermediate developers

AWS books for intermediate-level developers..webp

Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS

Implementing Cloud Design Patterns for AWS.webp

Implementing Cloud Design Pattern for Amazon Web Services covers vast knowledge about dynamic and static data and also the patterns where the data is being uploaded.

This book covers lessons about backup storage and backup maintenance. It also covers the concepts of creating and maintaining backups on servers, and handling redundancy.

Author: Marcus Young

Programming AWS Lambda: Build and Deploy Serverless Applications with Java

Programming AWS Lambda.webp

AWS Lambda is one of the best books on cloud computing. In this book, you will get an introduction to serverless functions as a service and AWS Lambda. You can learn how to deploy active Lambda functions to the cloud. It covers concepts that help to build package Java-based Lambda codes.

This book also helps in understanding new opportunities for serverless architecture. It offers lessons on how to test your serverless applications using automated techniques. You can program Lambda functions and learn how the Lambda platform is integrated with other Amazon Web Services.

Author: John Chapin and Mike Roberts

Amazon Web Services For Dummies

Amazon Web Services For Dummies.webp

Amazon Web Services For Dummies is a great book for budding developers and for beginners. It covers the AWS concepts from the scratch including the concepts of AWS implementation and its core principles.

It explains how to use Amazon Web Services to store objects, manage large quantities of data, take payments, and more. The book also includes several practical examples as well as step-by-step lists to help you experiment with various AWS features.

Author: Bernard Golden

AWS Automation Cookbook

AWS Automation Cookbook.webp

AWS Automation Cookbook covers the various concepts of automating application pipelines that help organizations become more efficient and versatile. AWS Automation Cookbook covers various topics such as AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, and ColdPipeline, which are mainly known for their scalability. This book is great for readers who are architects, administrators, and developers.

Author: Nikit Swaraj

Amazon Web Services in Action

Amazon Web Services in Action.webp

Amazon Web Services in Action is one of the best AWS books, which is loaded with knowledge of recent upgrades in AWS. Details about automation and infrastructural design using AWS Lambda are covered in this book.

This book teaches readers to share data volumes between systems by utilizing EFS. It also gives an overview of cloud concepts and patterns.

The book covers lessons about creating data caches using Elasticache and others, covering various services. It also explains servers on EC2 to reduce costs.

Author: Andreas Wittig and Michael Wittig

Top 5 AWS developer books for advanced developers

AWS books for advanced-level developers.webp

Mastering AWS Security

Mastering AWS Security.webp

Mastering AWS Security is one of the best cloud computing books which deals with the concepts of AWS. This book is mainly steered towards the security aspects of AWS and helps the readers how to secure databases and workloads.

This book is very helpful to learn about AWS Identity Management and Access control. The readers can understand and secure their private network in AWS. The book also helps to understand monitoring, logging, and auditing in AWS.

Author: Albert Anthony

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide.webp

AWS Certified Advanced Networking Official Study Guide is more focused on AWS certifications and examinations. It helps you prepare for AWS Certified Advanced Networking exams.

The book helps you learn AWS concepts, including the design, implementation, and deployment of cloud-based solutions. It includes topics on AWS fundamentals, exam objectives, explanations of various key exam topics, and more.

Authors: Sidhartha Chauhan, Alan Halachmi, Steve Morad, James Devine, Nick Matthews, Matt Lehwess and others

Machine Learning in the AWS Cloud

Machine Learning in the AWS Cloud.webp

Machine Learning in the AWS Cloud covers the utilization of Machine Learning in Amazon Web Services. The book introduces the concept of cloud computing and various AWS and machine learning implementations to the readers.

This book includes fundamental machine learning concepts, various types of ML systems, challenges while finding ML solutions, and more. It is preferable for both Python developers and technical/solution architects.

Author: Abhishek Mishra

AWS: Amazon Web Services, the Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Advanced

Amazon Web Services, the Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Advanced.webp

AWS: Amazon Web Services, the Ultimate Guide for Beginners to Advanced is one of the best AWS books that cover various IT operations and also provides real-world examples. This book helps in understanding cloud computing and its advantages, AWS and its possible uses, and more.

The book provides a complete overview of the AWS Framework and design. It also helps the readers to learn how to utilize AWS for machine learning and AI projects.

Author: Maverick Koston

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Learning Amazon Web Services.webp

Learning Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides various information for the planning and development of Amazon Web Services. It is one of the best AWS books, which covers topics such as operation and integrations of AWS to increase the security of AWS. The book helps the readers in understanding AWS and deploy their own apps and resources.

Author: Mark Wilkins

Final Words

That’s the complete list of the top 10 AWS books from We are interested to answer your questions regarding the AWS certification books that a software developer must learn! So, what are you waiting for? Rush to an online platform and place your orders.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, AWS is worth learning in 2022 as big companies are dependent on AWS to build their cloud infrastructures. There is a high possibility for return on investment from AWS because it opens up opportunities for higher income.

Yes, AWS has a great career choice as more corporations are adapting AWS concepts. Skilled AWS experts are in high demand and can get jobs in many companies that use AWS for their IT infrastructure or you can even get a job at Amazon.

Yes, a beginner can learn AWS in a systematic step-by-step learning method.

No, AWS does not require coding skills to build a career. Almost all basic tasks can be implemented without coding.

AWS is not difficult as it seems but interested individuals should have computer and programming knowledge. But, if you have enough interest in this field, even a beginner can learn AWS.

There are many career opportunities in AWS as listed below.

  • Cloud Architect.
  • Cloud Developer.
  • Cloud Systems Administrator.
  • Cloud DevOps Engineer.
  • Cloud Security Engineer.
  • Cloud Network Engineer.
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