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Best Angular Developer IDE and Tools for Increasing Productivity

Angular IDEs for Productive Software Development

What do you need for a dynamic single-page application or a highly responsive webpage? Most developers know the answer is the decade-old, simple yet efficient language, Angular JS. It is a JavaScript-based open-source front-end web framework written in TypeScript. Its component and tool-studded libraries are a major attraction and aid in software development for developers and companies. In this blog, we list down some of the popular Angular IDEs and tools that can be used to increase productivity.

Why use AngularJS?

Apart from being an easy-to-use framework, Angular is sought-after for its incredible tool support as it aids in efficient software development.

Benefits of Angular JS.webp

A brief overview of Angular tools

Types of Angular tools.webp

The Angular toolkit mainly comprises:

  • IDE (integrated development environment)
  • Code editors
  • Debuggers
  • Testing tool
  • Modules

These tools help in the software development lifecycle, from UI wireframes to product delivery.

Let us discuss some Angular JS dev tools that make software development easier for developers.

Top Angular IDEs and tools to hasten software development

1. Brackets

  • Brackets is an IDE that is lightweight and open-source, given its powerful functionality.
  • It was created by Adobe and since then, has played an important role in web development.
  • It is also a source code editor that supports visual tools.


  • ALM IDE is known as the best IDE available exclusively for TypeScript.
  • Some of its existing features are the find and replace function, highlighting custom syntax, and more.
  • ALM’s whole process, from installation to code compilation, is easy to enact.

3. PyCharm

  • PyCharm is an IDE developed by JetBrains that is Python-specific.
  • It supports web development, from design to debugging, for Angular.
  • It allows developers to write quality code and does on-the-fly error checking. Some companies that use PyCharm include Udemy and Lyft.

4. Karma

  • Karma is one of the most used testing automation tools of the Angular framework.
  • Its capability of real-time, on-ground debugging detects flaws effortlessly.
  • It supports debugging across various device platforms.
  • It updates the test status on CLIs for clear inference of bugs.
  • Big names that use Karma include GitHub, Oxylabs, and Accenture.

5. Protractor

  • Protractor is an end-to-end testing tool devised by Google.
  • Like Karma, Protractor is known for its on-ground debugging.
  • It can sync tests to web pages, thus creating automatic execution of consecutive steps.
  • Gartner and IWB use Protractor.

6. WebStorm

  • WebStorm is one of the best available IDEs for Angular.
  • It comes with an inbuilt code editor that provides advanced code assistance.
  • It is unique with its live code editing experience and built-in debugger.
  • Lyft and Tech Stack use WebStorm.

7. Jasmine

  • Jasmine is a testing app that is open-source.
  • It is known for its simplicity in syntax due to its independence from JavaScript DOM and other browsers.
  • It follows behavior-driven development that aids developers with better software testing.
  • Companies that use WebStorm include Walmart and Accenture.

8. AngularFire

  • AngularFire creates an effective backend for Angular-based software development.
  • It supports three-way data binding to make software development a cakewalk even for novice developers.
  • Its comprehensive API and easy management of binary data are a plus when it comes to backend development.

9. Angular IDE

  • Angular IDE is an all-in-one IDE used by both professionals and beginners.
  • It supports exciting features like auto-code complete, source code coloring by smart syntax awareness, and real-time code validation.
  • It comes inbuilt with HTML intelligence that detects missed and incomplete tags.

10. Mocha.js

  • Mocha.js is a component-studded testing environment that uses JavaScript.
  • It conducts tests in sequential order and produces fair test reports.
  • It is suitable for trainee and professional Angular developers.
  • Some big names that use Mocha.js are Asana and Coursera.

11. Djangular

  • Djangular is an online app integration tool that aids in Angular application development.
  • It is known for its flexibility, efficient integration, and reusability.
  • It has a flexible framework and offers namespacing of Angular JS content.

12. Angular Kickstart

  • Angular Kickstart sequentially enables software developers to scale and build applications.
  • With its user-friendly interface and consistent project structure, developers can create web applications without hassle.
  • It is also known for its speedy process and optimized release cycles.

13. JSFiddle

  • JSFiddle is an online code editor that aids with easy coding.
  • Its special feature is that codes of major development languages like CSS, HTML, etc., can run on a single screen.
  • Some companies that use JSFiddle are BrowserStack and Google Docs.

14. NG-inspector

  • NG-inspector is an extension tool of Firefox and Safari that helps developers with an inspector panel.
  • It makes software application development easy, right from development to debugging.
  • It is known for being lightweight and for its availability of controllers and directives to identify and execute tasks.

15. Angular seed

  • Angular seed acts as a blueprint for Angular JS apps and allows quick bootstrapping of apps with a dev environment.
  • It provides multiple application and full docker support.
  • A few companies that use Angular seed are PayPal and IBM.

16. Generator Angular

  • Developers claim Generator Angular to be one of the best Angular dev tools for quick application development.
  • As the name suggests, it generates boilerplate and editable wireframes to begin development in an instant.
  • It is known for its highly customizable structures and intuitive defaults.

17. Angular-deckgrid

  • Angular-deckgrid is a lightweight masonry-like grid for Angular JS that helps code directives with no visual representation.
  • It uses CSS files for all its responsiveness.

18. Videogular

  • Videogular is a video player tool that works on HTML5 for Angular JS.
  • It takes care of an application’s video needs.
  • It supports live video streaming and allows developers to create customized plugins.
  • Its unique features include property binding and customizable themes.

19. Mean

  • Mean is an open-source boilerplate application that creates dynamic Angular applications.
  • It can be reused and enables pre-bundled modules for faster development time.
  • Some companies that use Mean are Fiverr and UNIQLO.

20. Aptana Studio

  • Aptana Studio is a powerful IDE used for speedy and efficient web development.
  • It is known for its source code management using git features and its multi-language support.
  • It has an inbuilt debugger and command customizer.

21. Angular-gettext

  • Angular-gettext is a go-to code translator tool widely used by developers.
  • It is known for its effortless app integrations and seamless language translations.
  • It is built on a powerful and rich ecosystem.

22. Angular JS UI

  • Angular JS UI is known for speedy development and project deployment in Angular JS apps.
  • It bootstraps directives to UI to speed up the process.
  • It is known for directives like UI-map, UI-calendar, and more.

23. Restangular

  • Restangular is an Angular tool that works best for RESTful APIs.
  • It provides commands for UPDATE, DELETE, POST, and GET with minimal code.
  • It is known for its enhanced performance and streamlined functionality.

24. Atom

  • Written in JavaScript, Atom is one of the most widely used IDEs.
  • It can be used for developing Angular projects.
  • It is easy to install and use and comes with many free plugins.
  • It uses TypeScript and is known for features like autocomplete, live error analysis, etc.

As technology improves, demand and supply of new Angular developer tools take place in a cycle. Some other widely used tools with great functionality are:

  • Vim
  • RJ TextEd
  • Angular Material
  • Emacs
  • Angular Batarang
  • Angular Playground
  • Notepad++
  • CodeMix
  • NetBeans
  • Komodo Edit
  • PHPStorm
  • CodePen
  • AWS Cloud9
  • CodeLobster
  • IntelliJ IDEA

Advantages of using Angular IDE and tools for software development

Reasons to choose Angular tools.webp

Apart from making application development fast, simple and effective, there are other reasons to choose Angular tools.

  • Security
  • Data binding
  • Open-source
  • Accessibility
  • Custom components
  • Browser compatibility
  • Automatic code injection
  • Comprehensive
  • Highly expandable
  • Up-to-date according to market needs.

Future of Angular IDE and its tools

Since its release in 1916, Angular’s popularity has not slumped. Starting with a few hundred websites, the current state of Angular stands tall as it powers more than three lakh websites. As long as there is demand, there will be supply and innovation at Angular hubs.

Here’s a glimpse of what the future holds for Angular tools:

  • Standalone components in developer preview
  • Typed Forms
  • Documentation
  • Investments in Hydration
  • Angular Compiler plugin


With Angular being the most used framework for development, its tools and IDEs are very sought after. This blog has covered many of the Angular tools known for their superb functionality. These, coupled with having the right Angular developer, play a crucial role in enhancing development.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Angular development toolkit consists of tools categorized under the following:

  • IDE
  • Angular code editors
  • Debuggers
  • Testing tools

Angular dev tools can be installed from any of the browser web stores. Once installed, they can be deployed right away.

Angular dev tools and extensions for the Chrome browser can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store with the click of a button.

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