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10 Best Node.JS Development Tools for Increasing Productivity

Node.js Development Tools

Node.js is a popular run-time environment that helps in creating fully-functional applications. Today, we bring the best Node.js developer tools to make your developer journey smoother. With the help of these handy tools, you can build robust applications within a short amount of time.

Before talking about Node.js developer tools, let's first discuss what Node.js is, and its benefits.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is used for running and handling multiple simultaneous connections rapidly. This leads to high scalability.

Node.js works on a single thread, unlike traditional web-serving techniques where every connection request takes up space in the RAM. It uses non-blocking I/O calls, ensuring that the system can support thousands of concurrent connections without any delay.

Node.js is being implemented widely in many use-cases like - streaming and chat applications. All in all, it can be used anywhere where the work is not CPU intensive. Let us see how the use of Node.js can be beneficial.

Why use Node.js?

As of 2021, around 30 million websites are using Node.js and it has come up to be the 6th most popular technology. The best part about Node.js is that it uses Google’s V8 engine as its foundation. Google’s Chrome browser runs on the same engine. Here is a list of benefits of using Node.js.

  1. Node.js facilitates asynchronous event-driven architecture. This makes a program as simple as possible without blocking any requests.
  2. Node.js uses JavaScript (JS) infrastructure which is common amongst developers. So learning Node.js is not a hassle and also enables the developers to write JS code for both - client and server parts of the project.
  3. Node Package Manager “NPM” has thousands of open-source modules and tools to help the developer’s journey. The vibrant and diverse community is also responsible for adding new tools constantly.

Node js developer tools

Now that you know why using Node.js can be beneficial for you. Let us dive deep into the best Node.js developers' tools.

Best tools for Node.js developer tools

Best Node.js Development Tools

Here is a list of the best Node.js tools you can use to make your development journey much smoother.


Express.js is a popular Node.js framework. Its minimalistic framework and fast scaling can design impressive web applications. Developers can use Express.js to create APIs quickly as it offers a wide range of HTTP methods. Over time, the developer community has made many frameworks with Express.js as its foundation.

You must be aware of applications like Zimmer, Microsoft Office & Trello - all of these and many more applications are built with the help of It is a popular framework because it can quickly push data to clients for real-time graphical representation. It is commonly used in building messaging and chat features. The concurrent editing feature of Microsoft relies on too.


Meteor is a Node.js framework that facilitates cross-platform development, i.e. developers can use it to code for iOS, Android, and web applications at the same time. Meteor reduces coding efforts and boosts developer productivity. It also integrates well with MongoDB. Meteor is a fast and easy-to-use platform that works well with various existing development tools.


Keystone.js is best known for its Content Management System (CMS) framework that uses Express.js. Developers use this open-source framework for building websites and APIs for web apps. Keystone.js boasts of amazing popularity because of its easy-to-use and manageable system. When creating a CMS, building a robust admin UI is crucial. Keystone.js makes it very easy to perform such tasks.


PM2 works as a process manager. PM2 is responsible for checking if the application is working smoothly or not. It can also reload the application during downtime. It relieves the developer’s fear of having to restart the application in case of a crash.


Passport.js is authentication middleware for Node.js. Passport.js can be used on any web application based on the Express.js framework. It is a highly flexible tool to authenticate your applications.


Koa has the same creators as Express.js. It is the next-gen web framework for Node.js. Koa is much more advanced than Express.js and does not require any middleware. It has built-in plugins that support actions like routing, compression, caching, etc. Koa also holds the potential to reduce errors and remove callbacks.


Mocha.js is a JavaScript test framework that is based on Node.js. It allows the developers to test their code both in the console and the browser. The fast testing suite of Mocha.js facilitates integration and unit testing. It works remarkably with Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and Test-Driven Development (TDD). The biggest advantage of using Mocha.js is its modularity. It is flexible in working with other libraries like Chai or Sinon.


Webpack is a popular Node.js tool since it is much faster than other tools with regard to bundling and serving assets. It further simplifies the deployment process, making the development process more manageable. It minimizes the initial loading time by bundling the JS pages for implementation in the browser.


BlueBird.js is a promise library. It controls asynchronous code by organizing them into specific files. BlueBird.js keeps the quality of your code in check.


Node.js has many tools that help make a developer's life easy. Express.js, and Keystone.js are all Node.js developer frameworks used for different purposes. Check out these tools for increasing productivity. Basic information and an understanding of Node.js tools can help you beat the competition and build seamless applications


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Frequently Asked Questions

Node.js developer tools are tools, frameworks, libraries, etc. that help make the life of a Node.js developer easy. Node.js is an open source, cross-platform environment that is used for implementing JavaScript code outside the browser.

Visual Studio Code supports Node.js debugging. Visual Studio Code also supports JavaScript and TypeScript languages out-of-the-box debugging.

Node.js was introduced back in 2009. It gained popularity quite early and easily. The good part is it is still popular and highly efficient in 2022. It continues to stand the test of time and some serious competition. Startups across the globe are choosing Node.js over other JavaScript environments.

If you are in the initial and learning phase of your Node.js journey then Keystone.js is the best developer tool for you. Keystone.js is based on Express.js and is an open-source framework. It is easy to use and is the best fit for anyone starting new.

Node.js is mainly used for non-blocking, event-driven servers. As it is single-threaded, it can easily implement backend APIs. Although, it was made keeping real-time, push-based architecture in mind.

No, Node.js is not a tool. Node.js is an environment that is used to run JavaScript code outside the browser. It is an open-source, cross-platform environment. It facilitates the building of scalable network applications by using a non-blocking I/O model that makes it fast and light on resources.

Node.js developer is an IT professional who might have a degree in computer science or an allied field. They are well-versed in handling the interchange of data between the users and the server. It is crucial to hire the right Node.js developer for a fast and effective website.

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