Reasons to Learn DevOps This Year

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Four Reasons to Learn DevOps in 2023

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According to a recent CodeInGame survey of 15000 working professionals, DevOps career is growing popular among developers rapidly. 

The survey also revealed that DevOps engineer jobs help developers enhance their skill set and achieve greater satisfaction in their work. 

This post sheds light on why developers should learn DevOps. It also shares the path they can follow for making the most of their DevOps career. 

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a combination of development and operations. A DevOps engineer’s job involves streamlining development and releasing and testing software. DevOps engineers ensure smooth communication and collaboration between the application development and IT operations team. 

What’s more, DevOps increases the efficiency, speed, and security of software development. Additionally, it enables continuous integration, deployment, configuration management, and real-time monitoring of software products. 

DevOps benefits: Saves time 

DevOps facilitates smooth communication and collaboration between the development and operations teams. The practice also shortens the software development life cycle. 

By releasing code into production more frequently, DevOps increases the speed of code deployment and testing. And thus, the practice boosts software efficiency and helps developers save a lot of time. 

DevOps benefits: Quicker bug fixes 

Developers need to regularly update software to add new features to them. At the same time, they need to maintain the stability of the code. DevOps engineers are familiar with the entire code and can easily mark new changes. By doing this, they can send parts of the code separately for testing and maintain code-stability. 

Testing different parts of code helps locate the issue source faster. By finding issues faster, DevOps engineers resolve the problem in no time. And thus, DevOps makes it extremely easy to keep code free of bugs and defects. 

DevOps benefits: Better collaboration 

DevOps engineers do not work in silos and are able to communicate freely with members of different departments. And thus, they facilitate better communication within the organization than traditional teams. 

By sharing information with different team members, DevOps engineers can resolve issues faster and set up the right pipelines . Also, DevOps engineers encourage team members to come up with ideas and innovative methods to improve client and customer experience. 

DevOps benefits: Improved performance 

DevOps engineers can share code bases and detect issues early. They enable automatic testing and continuous deployment of code to pass it directly in the production environment. 

DevOps reduces deployment time and infrastructure costs. Also, it boosts recovery time, employee involvement, and success rate. And thus, DevOps improves the individual performance of team members and the overall performance of any organization. 

DevOps career path 

DevOps Career

DevOps career path

DevOps oversee the entire delivery process of a new product from automation to final delivery. DevOps is in high demand as organizations continuously need to innovate their working models. Engineers looking for a DevOps engineer job have plenty of opportunities. 

Requirements for a career in DevOps

Educational qualification and experience

Most companies require candidates to have a bachelor’s degree in information systems technology or computer science. Some also prefer candidates with a DevOps certification. 

Candidates must be familiar with the technologies used in DevOps like automation, source control, cloud technology, project management, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. They must also know how to work in Linux/ Unix environments. 

DevOps engineer jobs are ideal for engineers who have prior experience in IT and operations.

Skills required for a successful DevOps career 

  • Good understanding of DevOps toolchain 
  • Ability to automate the entire DevOps pipeline
  • Ability to write clean code
  • Ability to integrate code 
  • Security skills
  • Knowledge of programming languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, Ruby, PHP, and others 

Tools required for a successful DevOps career 

Knowledge of the following tools helps build a successful DevOps career:

  • Configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, and Ansible
  • Collaboration tools, 
  • Application life management tools, 
  • Issue tracking tools,
  • Cloud/IaaS/PaaS/serverless tools, 
  • Source control management tools,
  • Package managers
  • Continuous integration and continuous delivery tools
  • Continuous testing tools
  • Release orchestration tools 
  • Monitoring tools 
  • Analytics tools.

DevOps engineer: Job roles

DevOps architect 

DevOps architects create a productive DevOps environment with the right tools, methodologies, and processes. They also monitor and review all technical operations. 

DevOps release manager 

A DevOps career as a release manager involves setting the quality standards of software builds and effectively managing the CI/CD pipeline. 

DevOps security engineer

A DevOps career as a security engineer involves ensuring high security through all the stages. DevOps security engineers use tools like configuration management and log management. 

DevOps test engineer  

A DevOps test engineer is responsible for setting up the test to check and verify code as per the quality standards set by the release manager. 


Which DevOps career will you opt for?



Like any other career path, a DevOps career starts with a junior role wherein developers learn different tasks related to each process in the DevOps setup. 

However, as developers grow in their careers, they are required to manage software releases from start to finish and create strategies to beat the competition. And thus, DevOps, as a career choice, is challenging and rewarding at the same time.

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DevOps Career: Here’s What You Need to Know
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DevOps Career: Here’s What You Need to Know
Is DevOps career a good career path to choose in 2023? Yes, it definitely is. This blog post explains why!


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