Top 7 tips for hiring ReactJS developers in 2022

Compose your interview based on the type of developers your organization needs

Whether your company needs Junior/Mid Level Developers, Senior Developers, or Lead Developers, prepare your interview questions accordingly.

Check the candidate's overall experience with ReactJS

From handling small-scale applications to core coding and team-leading, you need to go through your candidate’s experience with ReactJS.

Make sure the candidate has worked on a myriad of projects

For a better understanding of the various projects, the candidate has worked in, go through their recent development portfolio.

Check their proficiency level with JavaScript

Being proficient in JavaScript is fundamental for a good ReactJS developer, so make sure you test whether the candidate has a strong command over JavaScript or not.

Ask questions regarding basic debugging and testing principles

Testing and debugging is an extremely important skill set that a good React developer must possess. Ask about some of their preferred tools and frameworks they use.

Make sure the candidate will fit well with your organization's culture

Rather than training someone to fit in your organization’s culture, you need to find the right fit. Ask about their preferred work hours, how would they handle certain situations.

Ask the candidate to send recommendations for your project

A good React developer should be able to provide you with quality recommendations that they can explain in simple terms.

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