How can you make an inclusive workplace for LGBT?

How can you make an inclusive workplace for LGBT?

Why is LGBTQ inclusion important in the workplace?

And how can remote work help in LGBTQ+ inclusion?

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Some disturbing stats:

- 75% of LGBTQ+ employees face discrimination compared to 43% straight employees

- 26% LGBTQ+ workers feared that their co-workers would treat them differently if they opened up about their identity

To promote LGBTQ+ community in tech, the Turing community is hosting Pride at Turing on June 21 and 22 2022.

This free virtual event celebrates LGBTQ+ developers, leaders. It also features interactive workshops, panel discussions, speed networking, and Turing's signature program, Jump Start. 

Join Pride at Turing and become a part of the global LGBTQ+ community that knows no bounds.

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