Hiring PHP Developers?

Here are 6 things you must consider -->

Inquire whether the software developer has previously worked on a PHP project with a comparable demand to gauge his/her experience.

Extensive Experience in PHP


Communication is the most effective way to express your concerns. A skilled PHP developer must be able to listen and express clearly.

Fluency in Communication


Examine a PHP developer's familiarity with HTML, MySQL, XML, and JavaScript, as well as their ability to resolve security concerns and reduce website load time.

Technical Proficiency


A professional PHP developer should be knowledgeable of the current state of the industry and how to attract or wow the target audience.

Industrial Knowledge


Inquire about their experience in utilizing various testing and debugging tools such as XDebug, PHPUnit, Cucumber, etc.

Leveraging Testing/Debugging Tools


Ask questions to find out whether the developer is open to adopting or learning new technologies.

Ability To Learn Quick


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