Did You Consider These 6 Things While Hiring ReactJS Developers?

Proficiency in JavaScript & ECMA Script

Make sure to hire a ReactJS developer with strong command over all JavaScript features, operations, and syntax. Also, look for proficiency in ECMA script.

Expertise in Other Technologies

Mastering one framework is not going to be enough. Make sure to hire a ReactJS developer who has expertise in working with a variety of different React-compatible technologies.

Knowledge of Testing Tools and Frameworks

Continuous development and deployment have made it necessary for ReactJS developers to have a hands-on experience with widely used testing tools and frameworks.

Experience with version control systems

If you want to track, organize and control changes over the codebase, it is absolutely necessary to hire a ReactJS developer with a stronghold over version control systems like Git.

Well-versed with styling strategy and React Fundamentals

A massive ecosystem such as React requires in-depth knowledge of React fundamentals & popular styling strategies.

Experience managing React workflows

State management is one of the biggest challenges, especially in complex applications. That's why you must hire a ReactJS developer who has experience working with ReactJS workflows.

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