US companies to outsource remote roles amidst tech talent shortage

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US Companies to Outsource Remote Roles Amidst Tech Talent Shortage

By September 3, 2022 3 min read

Amidst the tech talent shortage, possible recession, and economic crunch, US companies are beginning to look for remote workers, not only locally but globally. 

India, Pakistan, Brazil, and other LATAM countries to see a surge in offshore opportunities

Several countries like India, Pakistan, Brazil, and other LATAM countries can expect an exploded growth in remote offshore opportunities. As per reports, we can expect the global IT outsourcing market to be worth $397.6 billion by 2025. Many small and large US companies are already sourcing major tech-related tasks, and more are expected to join the wave. Moreover, experts also believe that outsourcing can help tackle inflation in the US, which is currently a major concern.

Let’s look at what this means for companies and remote software engineers.

What factors have led to the tech talent shortage in the US?

US companies have been relying on immigrant tech talent for a long time. However, the pandemic and government policies have made it difficult for immigrants to move to the US. This constraint has created a great tech talent shortage and hard-to-fill tech jobs in the country. Moreover, it has also inflated the wage demands of local tech talent, thus forcing companies to spend more to retain or hire talent.

Outsourcing jobs to tech talent globally: What does it mean for the companies?

Outsourcing tech jobs to countries with tech talent is nothing new. But the pandemic has pushed more and more companies to go remote and hire global talent. 

But how is hiring international talent helping companies? Let’s take a look:

  • As companies cannot bring the right talent to the job, the job can be taken to the right talent. The freedom to outsource enables companies to hire talented individuals without the constraint of geographical location. In other words, companies can hire the best talent globally.
  • Due to the talent shortage in the US, companies have been struggling to hire and retain talent. Most importantly, the talent crunch has forced companies to increase employee wages and compensation. If companies are able to hire tech talent from across the globe, they will be able to save on such expenses.
  • Companies can also save a lot of money on infrastructure and office setup as there is no need for a physical location to outsource jobs to offshore tech talent. 

If a US company has an option to hire a software engineer in the US at $3,00,000 and a tech talent with similar experience and skill set at half the cost offshore, why wouldn’t the company go for the latter?

US companies have been actively hiring in countries in Latin America. There are many benefits of hiring from the LATAM region, such as an overlapping time zone, great tech talent, and lower talent acquisition costs. 

What does outsourcing tech talent by US companies mean for software engineers in India, Pakistan, Brazil, and the rest of LATAM?

Outsourcing to countries like India, Pakistan, and the Latam region will create more remote tech job opportunities. If you’re a software engineer looking for high-paying remote engineering US jobs, this might be the right time for you to apply! 

Did you know? We can expect over 3 million jobs to move offshore from the US by 2025! In other words, outsourcing jobs are about to explode!

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US companies will have to outsource tech talent jobs to the globe if they want to counter the talent shortage in the US. Global outsourcing will allow companies to cut down on several costs and also tap into a larger talent pool. Companies that switch to remote and embrace outsourcing will surely have the upper hand in the coming years. 

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US Tech Companies to Outsource Remote Tech Talent Globally
Article Name
US Tech Companies to Outsource Remote Tech Talent Globally
Top US tech companies are outsourcing tech jobs to India, Pakistan, and Brazil! More companies are to join this trend amidst the tech talent shortage in the US.


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