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The Great Resignation: 16 Most In-Demand, Hard-To-Fill Tech Jobs

By May 2, 2022 3 min read

What is the Great Resignation? 

Technologists worldwide are leaving their current roles searching for better job opportunities in this ‘Great Resignation.’ And so, companies must retain their current employees or hire new ones for technical positions. With the rise of the tech industry, many technical jobs are witnessing an exponential increase in demand. And thus, hiring managers are finding it challenging to fill these in-demand tech positions with suitable candidates.

Let’s take a look at the key trends of this phenomenon. 

What are the top technological careers in demand? 

Software developers and engineers are in the highest demand!

  • The past 12 months saw over 900,000 plus job postings for software developers/engineers positions in technical roles. On average, a hiring manager takes 43 days to fill this position. 
Great resignation

Top technological careers in demand

What are the other most in-demand tech jobs? 

  • Next up on the list of most in-demand technical jobs is Project Manager. This position saw 290,000 job postings in the last 12 months. Hiring managers usually take around 39 days to fill this position.
  • Business/Management Analysts are in the third position with 2,66,294 job postings in the past 12 months. It takes 40 days for a hiring manager to hire someone for this position successfully.
  • Computer support specialists and IT project managers take the fourth and fifth positions, respectively. Computer support specialists saw 2,36,507, and IT project managers saw 2,05,528 job postings. It takes hiring managers 38 days to fill up computer support specialists’ positions and forty-one days to fill IT project managers’ positions. 
  • Other positions on the list are network engineer, computer system engineer, program manager, systems analyst, cybersecurity engineer, product manager, software QA engineer, web developer, network administrator, and data analyst.  

Is the US job market expected to grow? 

  • The US’s unemployment rate for tech jobs was at 1.3 percent in March 2022, the lowest since 2019. 
  • The number of job postings for technical positions increased from 3,83,000 in February to 4,12,000 in March 2022. The total technical job posting has crossed the 4,00,000 mark for the first time ever. 
  • According to data issued by CompTIA, we can see 1,78,000 new technical jobs in 2022, with growth in 48 states. About 8.7 million people are currently working in a tech-related occupation in the USA.

What does this mean for the companies hiring software developers and other tech-related professionals?

With the increase in demand for technical professionals, the cost of retaining and hiring new talent will escalate. Thus, companies will have to widen their hiring budget to tackle the global talent shortage. Hiring managers will also have to offer perks and benefits, flexible working, health and wellness plans, and other growth opportunities along with better compensation to attract the best talent. 

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  1. What tech jobs are in most demand?

    In 2022, the most in-demand tech job is software developer/engineer. It is followed by roles like project manager, business analyst, computer support specialist, IT project manager, network engineer, computer systems engineer, program manager, system analyst, cybersecurity engineer, product manager, software QA tester, web developer, network administrator, and data analyst.

  2. What is the Great Resignation 2022?

    People around the globe are leaving their current positions and jobs for better compensation and job opportunities. Companies term this tenure as Great Resignation 2022.

  3. How do I hire a software developer for a project?

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16 Most-In-Demand Tech Jobs in the Great Resignation
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16 Most-In-Demand Tech Jobs in the Great Resignation
The Great Resignation brings a crunch in these 16 most in-demand tech jobs! Companies want to hire for these roles in 2022: Software Developer, Project Manager
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