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Tech Jobs Trends: These 10 Cities Are Witnessing a Spike in Tech Jobs!

By August 23, 2022 3 min read

What are the biggest job trends in 2022? Is there a demand for tech jobs? Will AI jobs be in demand? Let’s look at the tech jobs trend for this month to answer these questions.

Bay Area is not the only hot tech hub. New York and Los Angeles are enjoying a massive tech demand spike.

Tech job trends 2022

Cities like Los Angeles, Topeka, etc., are also becoming tech hubs

New York and the Bay Area, which has cities like San Fransisco, have been known to draw a lot of tech talent with many job opportunities. However, a recent report by shows that cities like Los Angeles have also started building tech communities. In July 2022, Los Angeles had more job postings compared to San Fransisco. New York remained at the top position. 

Tech jobs trends: Top industries posting tech jobs

Tech trends 2022

Tech jobs trend 2022: Top industries

Professional, scientific, and technical services posted the highest number of tech jobs. The finance and insurance sector followed in the second position. Other major industries which posted tech jobs in July 2022 were manufacturing, information, retail, etc. 

Software engineering jobs: Artificial Intelligence job roles and postings are on a rise

Tech trends 2022 software engineering jobs

Artificial Intelligence jobs constitute around 15% of total tech job postings in July 2022

Out of the 159,401 tech jobs posted in July 2022, AI jobs had a good 15 percent share in the total number of job postings. AI jobs have become one of the fastly emerging tech jobs in the industry.

Other key trends in software engineering jobs 

  • Even in the economic slowdown and a possible recession, the unemployment rate for software engineering jobs is declining continuously. In July 2022, the unemployment rate was 1.7 percent which is lower than the 1.8 percent in June.
  • Companies are investing in next-generation initiatives such as Augmented Reality creating more jobs in the domain. 
  • Even the old-school industries like manufacturing, public administration, educational services, etc., are hiring software engineers to enhance their operations and be future-ready.
  • Software developer and engineering jobs remain at the top when it comes to remote or work-from-home tech job postings.
  • Tech industry employment crossed the 5 million mark in July 2022.



Despite the looming recession, software engineering jobs, especially remote ones, are steadily growing. The demand for tech talent is on the rise. The tech industry is also focusing on building tech communities in areas other than the Bay Area and New York, which have been the tech hubs for a long time. In addition, the unemployment rate in tech jobs is decreasing at a steady pace. Overall, software engineering jobs will have a stable growth trajectory over the coming time.

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Tech Jobs Trends: 10 Cities Witnessing a Spike in Tech Jobs
Article Name
Tech Jobs Trends: 10 Cities Witnessing a Spike in Tech Jobs
Major tech jobs trend 1. Los Angeles takes over San Francisco in the number of job postings in July 2022 2. AI job postings account for 15% of total jobs


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