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React vs. Angular: Which JS Framework Should You Choose?

By November 12, 2021 4 min read

Choosing the best JavaScript framework is difficult, especially when you have a range of framework features capable of meeting the project’s needs. So naturally, selecting the proper framework requires a lot of deliberation. Though we cannot place one framework over the other, we can compare their performance across different parameters. In this React vs. Angular comparison post, we dive deeper into the technologies, use cases, differences, and similarities, to help you pick the best framework for your project. 

Let’s get started.

What is React?

React vs Angular


React is a front-end development library that is open-source and written in JavaScript, useful for making UI (User Interface) components. Its component-based and declarative characteristics make it simple for developers to construct complex yet interactive user interfaces. Because of its ‘learn once, write anywhere’ approach, developers can create rapid and scalable apps for any platform. Facebook and a community of individual developers manage React. Being one of the most popular libraries, React is in great demand with companies around the world looking to hire React JS developers.

What is Angular?

React vs Angular


Angular is a programming platform that uses TypeScript. It’s a component-based web application framework for building highly scalable online applications. It includes several well-integrated features and defined libraries, such as client-server communication, routing, and more. The platform also consists of a suite of developer tools for creating and expanding projects ranging from single-developer to enterprise-grade programs.

React vs. Angular: Difference Between Angular and React

React is a JSX-based JavaScript library, whereas Angular is a TypeScript-based JavaScript framework. Commonly, we use Angular to build complex enterprise-grade apps like single-page apps and progressive web apps. In contrast, React is usually used to construct UI components in apps with regularly variable data. The learning curve for Angular is steeper because of its large number of built-in features, whereas React has a moderate learning curve. 

These traits make React and Angular fundamentally different from each other. Thus, we must establish a common ground on which we can compare the two. First, let’s briefly look at the technical specs displayed in the chart below.

Comparison Chart

Comparison Parameters for React vs. Angular

React JS


Founded By

Jordan Walke

Misko Hevery

Release Year



Ideal For

Large web applications with frequently variable data

Highly interactive web applications

App Size

Relatively Small




Moderately High

Dynamic UI Binding



Learning Curve



UI Rendering



Which One Should I Choose?


Big Ecosystem

For JS lovers

Small Team


High Community Support

Large Apps

Clean HTML Codes



Open Source

Open Source

React vs. Angular: What is React’s primary use?

React is an open-source framework that is free to use. Often, to manage an application’s view layer, developers utilize it to create reusable UI components. It is rapid and scalable to change data without reloading the webpage. React was initially applied in the Facebook news feed and then in the Instagram news feed. React is commonly used in large-scale apps to load data without refreshing the site.

Reasons to choose React:

  • Unlike Angular, React requires developers to incorporate external entities to access certain functions and get fully interactive functionality. 
  • It contains Redux-like state containers for the quick creation of scalable apps, such as dynamic elements.
  • React can be used for converting JSX to JavaScript for better browser compatibility.
  • In React Code, bundlers, such as web packs, are used. 

Some of the companies that use React are Netflix, The New York Times, etc. Interested to know more about React? Read why you should choose React for your project.

React vs. Angular: What is Angular’s primary use?

Angular is a front-end development framework often cited as the fastest way to construct data-driven online applications. As Google engineers designed it, many specialists back the code, ensuring stability and efficiency. In addition, the model-view-controller capabilities of Angular are noteworthy, as it increases the functionality of browser-based apps by reducing the amount of javascript code required to keep the project operating.

Reasons to choose Angular:

  • Rxjs and AngularCLI are built-in technologies of Angular that make it easier to construct data exchange channels and handle events independently. With Angular, creating apps, adding files, and debugging errors in a project is a breeze. 
  • By running the components in parallel, Angular optimizes the developers’ work and saves several lines of code. 
  • It improves overall performance. 
  • Server-side rendering is quick.

Some of the companies that use Angular are Paypal, Upwork, Localytics, etc. 

React vs. Angular: Conclusion

While React could be the go-to solution for teams that want to construct small-sized applications, Angular could be the perfect choice for teams building enterprise-grade applications with large web development. Overall, React offers a simple approach to getting the job done, as it doesn’t have anything to do with structuring HTML. React focuses on the simplest ways to reuse UI components. Similarly, Angular is also capable of managing various tasks without the need for external assistance. 

But no matter which technology you choose after reading this React vs. Angular post, using the framework at the right place with the right team will make all the difference. 

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React vs. Angular: Which JS Framework Is Best For Your Project?
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React vs. Angular: Which JS Framework Is Best For Your Project?
Angular is a full-fledged mobile and web development framework, whereas React is a UI development framework. Here's a detailed React vs. Angular comparison.


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