These 5 DevOps Jobs Are in Demand in 2023!

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DevOps Jobs in Demand in 2023

By September 26, 2022 4 min read

DevOps is expected to become one of the most in-demand jobs in the IT industry in the coming years. What didn’t exist as a separate job a few years ago is now one of the most sought-after skill sets in the industry. Let’s take a look at the most in-demand DevOps jobs in 2023. But before that, let’s understand DevOps.

DevOps is a process that combines software development and IT operations to shorten the development cycle of systems and applications. DevOps is aimed at making software of high quality.

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DevOps jobs in demand in 2022 (2)

DevOps jobs in demand in 2022

  1. AWS

    AWS or Amazon Web Services DevOps engineers are in high demand this year. AWS has a share of more than 33 percent in the cloud market. If you are a software engineer well-versed with AWS, it’s the right time to apply to high-paying remote software engineering jobs in the US.

    Here are the reasons why you should learn AWS:
    • Major companies are migrating to cloud services. AWS holds the maximum share in the cloud market.   
    • AWS helps in building DevOps at an organization in a much-streamlined way. Companies are hiring AWS software engineers to implement AWS in their DevOps.     
    • There is a high demand for AWS software engineers, particularly in the US, but the supply is far low. Learning AWS will help you stand apart from the crowd and make an impact.       
    • AWS has an abundance of learning resources. Read this post to learn more about AWS certification.
  2. Kubernetes

    Kubernetes is an open-source container application that can be used by small to large organizations to streamline their DevOps. Earlier, Kubernetes was only used by large organizations, but with time, Kubernetes has proven to be a great tool for smaller organizations as well. Companies in the USA are hiring for Kubernetes this year, so it’s time to add Kubernetes to your skill set!

    Here’s why you should learn Kubernetes:   
    • Kubernetes offers autoscaling. Companies can efficiently scale up and down according to demand. Thus it makes Kubernetes a good choice for many companies.     
    • Kubernetes has strong open-source communities. You can easily join such communities and be a part of the ever-growing cloud community.     
    • Kubernetes can run anywhere. It can run on any type of infrastructure.     
    • It is much easier to scale and deploy software using Kubernetes.   

      Here’s why
      Kubernetes is important for DevOps.
  3. Google Cloud Paltform

    Google Cloud Platform needs no introduction! Thanks to the reach and support Google offers, it is one of the most sought-after cloud platforms in the world.

    Here’s why you should be familiar with GCP DevOps:     
    • GCP DevOps offers a complete security command center which is a hub for all the tools and services Google provides to improve security.   
    • GCP has an extensive ecosystem and provides great log monitoring capabilities by default.   
    • Working with GCP DevOps comes with access to big data services, networking solutions, IOT services, machine-learning solutions, storage, etc., provided by Google.     
    • Last but not least, GCP DevOps skills are paid well. Apply for GCP DevOps software engineering jobs today!
  4. Docker

    Docker is a set of PaaS products that deliver containers using OS-level virtualization. Docker is found to be one of the best solutions for DevOps. The primary purpose of Docker is to automate the application deployment process. It has the ability to run multiple containers on the same hardware.

    Here’s why you should be familiar with Docker if you wish to become a DevOps engineer:
    • Docker offers continuous testing and deployment.
    • Docker comes with seamless portability.
    • Docker comes with an assurance that if a feature is able to run in one environment, it will be able to run in others as well.
    • With built-in service concepts, Docker makes the process of load-balancing configuration easier.
    • Docker enhances collaboration and communication, which is vital for DevOps.
  5. Azure

    Azure by Microsoft is one of the topmost cloud service providers in the industry. Azure offers an end-to-end DevOps toolchain to develop and deploy software. There are multiple DevOps services such as Azure Boards, Azure Pipelines, Azure Repos, Azure Artifacts, and Azure Test Plans.

    Here’s why you should add Azure to your skills if you wish to become a professional DevOps engineer:
    • Azure provides timely access to new features and updates. Every three weeks, Azure DevOps users get access to new features. 
    • Azure offers great reliability and flexibility. You can use all the DevOps services or choose any number of services as per your requirements.
    • Azure DevOps is platform-agnostic, which means it can run on any platform or language. 

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Are you a DevOps engineer with expertise in any of the above-mentioned DevOps skills? If yes, top US companies are looking for you. 

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DevOps Jobs in Demand in 2022: AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker
Article Name
DevOps Jobs in Demand in 2022: AWS, GCP, Azure, Docker
Here are the most in-demand DevOps jobs in September 2022: 1. AWS 2. Azure 3. Google Cloud Platform 4. Kubernetes 5. Docker


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