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Turing's software development services and consulting experts enable your business with modern software development methodologies born in the cloud—built by engineers from leading software companies like Google, Microsoft, and Meta.

Our integrated consulting, delivery, and operations technology service offering provides a complete solution to your business technology challenges.

The cutting-edge of industry and technology knowledge, plus a global expert workforce for outsourcing software development services, only available from Turing.

Trusted by 900+ companies, including

Why hire Turing for your software development services needs?

Turing Services can plan, staff, deliver, and manage your toughest technical projects and programs. You can enjoy complete, dedicated development teams or scale your existing teams with the specific technical expertise needed. With Turing, you get the right people, on demand, thanks to the quality, speed, and cost efficiency of our Talent Cloud.

Our global Talent Cloud is home to a deeply vetted, experienced workforce 50,000+ strong—matched with precision to your business needs.


Our AI algorithms match the right people to your specific business needs fast—skip the search and get to the solution.

Cost Efficiency
Cost Efficiency

Our global Talent Cloud engineers are available full time and more cost efficient than hiring in-house—easily scale your teams up or down and only pay for resources you use.

Turing AI Services

Power your AI projects with our proven expertise

Turing AI Services are built by in-house engineering experts from some of the most successful Silicon Valley firms to have ever implemented AI at scale. Let their experience, the same experience that built our Talent Cloud, make AI implementation successful for your business.

Turing Cloud Services

Make your ideal cloud environment a reality

Turing Cloud Services makes accelerating your cloud business growth and innovation easy. Our cloud experts can enhance operational efficiency, ensure performance, and bring infrastructure security to your infrastructure—no matter what cloud you use.

Application Engineering Services

Get applications as resilient as your business

Turing Application Engineering Services brings simplicity to complex application development challenges. Our experts improve your application or application development environment with a well-defined architecture, process transformation, and innovation—a resilient, adaptive build every time.

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900+ top companies have trusted Turing and the Talent Cloud for their engineering needs.