Reduce compute spend with Azure landing zone

In today's competitive business environment, organizations are increasingly looking to optimize their IT infrastructure by migrating to the cloud. This use case demonstrates how Turing Cloud Services enables organizations to move from on-premise data centers to Azure, establishing a secure, cost-effective cloud foundation with reduced compute spend.

Turing case study: A large organization finds lower compute spend from new cloud foundation


Turing Cloud Services leverages its cloud foundation expertise to design and implement robust landing zones in Azure, facilitating the seamless migration of applications. By utilizing secure, multitenant virtual networks and advanced cloud-native services, we help organizations achieve significant cost savings and operational efficiency.

The challenge


The primary challenge for organizations transitioning to the cloud is deploying systems with reduced compute costs compared to their existing on-premise infrastructure. Additionally, the migration process must be executed with minimal risk and downtime. Developing a strategic landing zone in Azure that ensures security, scalability, and cost-efficiency is crucial.

The solution


Turing Cloud Services addresses these challenges by designing a landing zone in Azure using a hub-and-spoke approach. This foundation enables the creation of secure, multitenant virtual networks that isolate services and ensure efficient resource utilization. Key aspects of our solution include:

1. Hub-and-Spoke architecture: Establishing a robust landing zone foundation for optimal resource management.

2. Multi-Tenant virtual networks: Isolating services within dedicated virtual networks to enhance security and performance.

3. Azure-Native IAM policies: Implementing role-based access control (RBAC) for secure access management.

4. Network security: Utilizing Palo Alto Networks and Azure firewalls alongside Microsoft Defender for comprehensive endpoint security.

5. Azure services integration: Leveraging Azure-native services for computing, encryption, storage, and backup to ensure seamless operations.

Key features and benefits include:

1. Reduced compute costs: Strategic deployment results in a 15% reduction in compute spend compared to traditional on-premise systems.

2. Enhanced security: Implementing robust security measures to protect data and applications.

3. Scalable infrastructure: Flexible and scalable cloud foundation to support future growth and innovation.

4. Minimized downtime: Efficient migration process ensures minimal disruption to business operations.

Usecase process


Turing Cloud Services follows a structured approach to design and implement the Azure landing zone, ensuring a smooth transition for organizations:

1. Assessment and planning: Comprehensive evaluation of existing infrastructure and development of a tailored migration strategy.

2. Landing zone design: A hub-and-spoke architecture will be created to support secure and efficient resource management.

3. Implementation: Deployment of multitenant virtual networks, IAM policies, and security protocols.

4. Migration and optimization: Transitioning applications to the new Azure environment with continuous monitoring and optimization.

Usecase components

Key components

The core components of the Azure landing zone include:

1. Hub-and-Spoke architecture: Centralized hub with connected spokes for organized resource management.

2. Virtual networks: Secure and isolated environments for different services.

3. Security measures: Advanced security tools, including firewalls and endpoint protection.

4. Azure services: Integration of compute, storage, and backup services to support operational needs.

Usecase technologies

Technologies used

The technologies employed in this Azure landing zone solution encompass:

1. Cloud platform: Microsoft Azure

2. Network security: Palo Alto Networks, Azure Firewalls

3. Identity and access management: Azure IAM with RBAC

4. Security tools: Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

5. Azure services: Azure Compute, Azure Storage, Azure Backup

Usecase conclusion


Turing Cloud Services' expertise in cloud migration ensures that organizations can modernize their IT infrastructure with reduced compute costs and enhanced security. Establishing a strategic Azure landing zone enables organizations to achieve significant operational efficiencies and scalability. Partner with Turing to accelerate your cloud transformation journey and discover how our cloud services can optimize your business operations.

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