A Complete Guide to Web Development Process

Web Development Process


  • A Complete Guide to Web Development Process

    Huzefa Chawre

    Huzefa is a technical content writer at Turing. He is a computer science graduate and an Oracle-certified associate in Database Administration. Beyond that, he loves sports and is a big football, cricket, and F1 aficionado.

Frequently Asked Questions

When building a web development project, you can either outsource your development or hire in-house web developers. Outsourcing web development can be beneficial if you have a short turnaround time and need to focus on other core tasks.

Yes, web development is still very much in demand. With the digital domain stronger than ever, the demand for websites and web applications is at an all-time high.

If you are looking to hire the best web developers globally, then Turing is one of the best platforms to find your ideal match. Turing uses its planetary reach and AI to help companies get access to the best developers quickly without compromising on quality.

The size of your web development hiring depends completely on your requirements. If you have a long-term and large-scale web project with a sufficient budget, then you must consider hiring a team else, you can go with an individual.

The cost of hiring web developers varies based on numerous factors such as hiring model, location, tech stack, and seniority among other factors. According to Prococders, typically, it takes anywhere between $15/hour to $60/hour to hire web developers.

If you have a web project in the pipeline, then you would need to hire a web developer to take care of the development and future maintenance of the project.

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