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The competition for talented developers is fierce in today’s marketplace. With more businesses investing in the latest technologies, skilled software developers have more chances to find better jobs. Companies looking to hire top software engineers can't sit back and wait for applications; they have to be proactive and show what makes them the best place to work.

Hiring talented developers is more challenging if you don’t have any technical background. The general guidelines for recruitment won't help in hiring top software professionals. Tech recruiters should be at their best to find the perfect candidate for their organization. How to go about hiring top software programmers? It can be difficult but not impossible. In this article, we will discuss the best tech recruitment tips to help you employ the best global technical talent.

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8 Tech recruitment tips to hire top developers

Understand your requirement

Recruiting the right tech talent depends on understanding your business requirement. You should know whether you want to hire a front-end, back-end, full-stack developer, data scientist, or any other professional. IT roles require specific skills, which can vary according to the company's requirements. A startup may have a handful of IT staff who know the whole system, but developers in large companies usually perform specific tasks. If you don't have technical knowledge, you will need support to hire the right tech talent for your company.

For example, when you want to improve the design of your website or app, you need a front-end developer, but if you wish to improve the functionality of your application, you need to hire a back-end developer. Simply put, knowing your requirements is the first step toward hiring the most suitable candidate for your business.

Go beyond geographical boundaries

One of the barriers tech recruiters face while hiring software professionals is the scarcity of talent in their cities. Finding the right talent in a particular geographic location is difficult due to high demand. Even if you find a perfect candidate for the role, you need to dole out more salary than the market standard.

If you want to find skilled and experienced developers within your budget, you have to look beyond the border and go for remote hiring. More and more businesses look for remote developers these days as it allows them to hire global software talent at half the cost. However, when you hire remote developers, consider factors such as communication skills and time zones. Regions like the Indian subcontinent, Latin America, and Eastern Europe are the best places to find talented remote software engineers.

Think out of the box

Software talent recruitment goes beyond traditional recruitment, like writing an effective job advertisement or looking for candidates on the job portals. Sometimes developers may not be actively looking for a job, but they want to explore their options for the future. Smart tech recruiters often engage with talented developers in various ways, like arranging a hackathon, a webinar on emerging technologies and trends. If they pass the test, you can send them the details about the job openings in your organization. It's an excellent way to identify and build a pipeline of talented developers.

Offer more than just the salary

Irrespective of the industries, startup recruiters focus too much on the salary they can offer to the candidates to attract talented candidates; but it is not the best way. There is no denying that money is a significant factor for job seekers, but top developers look at many other factors before accepting an offer. After the Covid pandemic, developers consider more than just the salary, for instance, job security, growth opportunity, flexibility to work from any location, and many other factors. Include the following things in the job advertisement to be clear on your expectations:

  • Programming languages, frameworks, and other technologies they will work with
  • Opportunities for professional development
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Remote work options

Choose the right platform to look for candidates

Many tech recruiters look for developers on freelance websites or social media channels which is not an effective way to find talented software engineers. These digital spaces are full of people looking for remote jobs. You will only waste time by choosing these channels. So, where should you look for talented and experienced developers?

There are many recruiting platforms, online communities of developers, and platforms such as GitHub, where developers showcase their portfolios and sample projects. You can post the advertisement on the top job sites and communities and shortlist candidates from there. Besides that, you can ask for references in the communities and seek advice on the type of questions you should ask in the interview.

Identify the skills to test

Whether you hire a software developer or an accountant, the candidates might tell you they have all the skills and experience you need for the job. However, you can't trust that without testing their skills. When hiring software developers, assessing the candidates' skills is essential to identify if they are the right fit for the position.

However, before conducting the test, you need to know which skills will be required for your projects. You can revisit your hiring goals and design a test with the help of a senior developer.

Prepare for the interview in advance

An interview is one of the most critical steps of hiring developers, and you need to prepare well, especially if you don't have experience as a tech recruiter. Interviewing the candidates becomes easier when you know the type of developers you need. Start by asking the candidate about their backgrounds, such as qualifications and experience, and then go into detail about the type of projects they have worked on. It helps you understand if the projects they have completed are similar to your requirement and business niche.

Tell the applicants to explain what they do in simple language as if they are talking to someone without technical knowledge. A proficient developer can explain complex technical stuff in simple language to their non-technical colleagues. You should also ask about the work environment in the previous organization if you are hiring an experienced developer. It will help you know about the candidate's soft skills and relate if they will be the right fit for your organization.

Talking about technical stuff can be a nightmare for a non-tech-savvy recruiter. You should arrange two interview sessions and seek help from a senior software developer for the technical round. In the next session, you can ask questions about your project and test the programmers' soft skills to determine if they will be the right fit for your organization.

Seek help from professional recruiting companies

Hiring software developers can be challenging for startup recruiters without experience in hiring developers. You may find the above tips a bit overwhelming. From sourcing candidates to arranging technical tests or conducting interviews, it can be an uphill task for startup recruiters.

What should you do in such situations? The best way is to seek help from professional tech recruiting companies. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a new way to hire professionals for various roles. The process involves hiring an external agency to handle all or part of the recruitment process. It is perfect for startup recruiters to find the most suitable developers for their teams.

Turing has been helping fast-scaling startups, and many Fortune 500 companies find highly talented and experienced remote developers. Unlike other tech recruitment agencies, the company focuses on the top remote engineers from across the globe. Our rigorous vetting process ensures only high-skilled developers can qualify for the tests. Besides that, we focus on candidates who are proficient in English, culturally fit, and can match with the U.S. time zones.

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Even though there are millions of developers across the globe, finding the right fit for your organization can be daunting. It is even more difficult for startup recruiters without sound technical knowledge. Hiring someone based on the resume or voice of the candidate isn't a reliable process. However, following the above tips can help you find the right tech talent.

Turing makes it easier to hire global software talent with the push of a button. We do the vetting process and bring you the top candidates who match your requirements. Join Turing and build your dream engineering team.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the business requirement is crucial to hire the best developer for a startup. However, many other steps like sourcing and shortlisting candidates, conducting a technical test, and interviewing are involved, which can be challenging for a non-techie recruiter. The best way is to hire professional technical recruiting agencies to help you employ pre-vetted developers within a few days.

Hiring for a startup can be challenging, but you can simplify the process when you know what to look for during the recruitment process. The candidate should be highly skilled for the job. Besides that, ensure the applicant is flexible to perform various roles, culturally fit, can solve a complex problem, and has leadership potential.

A recruiter hires candidates for different positions in sales, marketing, finance, HR, and others. They don't require technical knowledge, whereas a technical recruiter hires candidates for roles in software engineering. A basic understanding of different positions and technologies in software development comes in handy in technical recruiting.

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