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    Subhasish Dutta

    Subhasish is a science graduate but a passionate writer, and wordsmith who writes website content, blogs, articles, and social media content on technologies, equity market, traveling, and other domains. He has worked with Affnosys and FTI Technologies as a content writer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the business requirement is crucial to hire the best developer for a startup. However, many other steps like sourcing and shortlisting candidates, conducting a technical test, and interviewing are involved, which can be challenging for a non-techie recruiter. The best way is to hire professional technical recruiting agencies to help you employ pre-vetted developers within a few days.

Hiring for a startup can be challenging, but you can simplify the process when you know what to look for during the recruitment process. The candidate should be highly skilled for the job. Besides that, ensure the applicant is flexible to perform various roles, culturally fit, can solve a complex problem, and has leadership potential.

A recruiter hires candidates for different positions in sales, marketing, finance, HR, and others. They don't require technical knowledge, whereas a technical recruiter hires candidates for roles in software engineering. A basic understanding of different positions and technologies in software development comes in handy in technical recruiting.

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