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Frequently Asked Questions

A website is the face of an organization that takes care of its branding, and credibility. Therefore, it is worth hiring web developers to ensure your business website or application is professionally developed and offers the best user experience.

The top 5 skills that every web developer should have are - a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, a continuous learning attitude, excellent communication skills, time-management skills, and testing skills.

Website builders like Wix are good for businesses that are just starting out, or have unproven concepts and also low budgets. But small to medium-sized businesses that want to generate more revenue through online presence, would definitely need a professional website. So, if you are a business in a competitive industry, only professional web developers can help you gain authority in your field.

While the two most popular process models for web development are Lean and Agile methodologies, Agile is the best option. Agile follows an iterative process where projects are divided into sprints of a shorter span, and also agile is more flexible in changes and specifications developments.

Always target a hard-coded website for both security and performance reasons. Though there are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editors and drag-and-drop page-building tools which are rife amongst the wider community, hand code a website is always way more secure.

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