Top Books on CI/CD Every Software Developer Should Read in 2024

Top CICD Books for Software Developers


  • Top Books on CI/CD Every Software Developer Should Read in 2024

    Gospel Bassey

    Gospel Bassey is a creative technical writer who harnesses the power of words to break down complex concepts into simple terms. He is an experienced Technical Writer who has developed content in various fields of technology, such as Blockchain technology, Information Technology, and Data Science, to mention a few.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of e-books that can be bought online that explicitly explain the development, integration, and deployment. If you want to learn about CI/CD, these e-books can help you master the various concepts of CI/CD

Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment (2017) and A practical guide to Continuous Delivery (2017) are some of the best beginner-friendly books for beginners who are eager to get an overview of CICD.

Presently, the demand for developers with knowledge and experience of CI/CD is still high. This is due to the valuable nature of CI/CD in software development. So, if you’re thinking of learning CI/CD today, just go ahead.

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