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Important Tips to Pass AWS Certified Solution Architect Exam

Tips To Pass AWS Certified Solution Architect Exam.

Every now and then, especially on weekends, when the AWS cloud practitioners, engineers, or enthusiasts clash in career-oriented discussions, they look for a roadmap to pass the renowned AWS certification exam. Are you one of those enthusiasts or seekers? If yes, then congratulations! You are at the right place and a step closer to cracking the AWS solution architect exam. In this article, you will get every piece of information related to the AWS certification exam in great detail.

Table of content

1. What is the AWS certification exam?
2. Why Read this Article?
3. The AWS Certification Exam Tips & Roadmap to Follow
4. Closing Remarks

AWS certification exam: What is it?

Starting this article with- ‘WHY this exam?’ would have been an insult to the exam itself. Hence, without hurting it’s esteem, let's march directly towards the ‘WHAT’ factor.

AWS Certified solution architect exam’ is offered by Amazon for cloud practitioners who are looking to advance their career in cloud engineering or as an AWS solution architect. The AWS certification exam consists of 60 questions and every individual has 130 minutes to complete it. There is no fixed metric or passing marks to crack this esteem exam.

However, the passing grades/marks vary every time, usually between 60% to 72%. Therefore, the strategist and AWS cloud practitioners suggest that one should always aim for 75%. Thus, covering all the below benchmarks automatically.

AWS certification exam: Why read this article?

This article contains a well-structured & designed set of guidelines that are not just followed & recommended by the industry experts and cloud practitioners but also are structured by them. The article will take you through a roadmap that contains all the required information, and resources about AWS solutions architect associate exam questions, AWS exam tips, AWS services, and AWS associate exams, among others. Thus, this article can prove to be very handy, if followed in its entirety and with utmost discipline.

AWS certification exam: Tips & roadmap to follow:

1. AWS certification exam: Start with e-learning & social-media interactions

The AWS cloud practitioner and experts suggest the online learning mechanism to get your basics right. For instance, one can use AWS Certification exam guide, and whitepapers provided by Amazon. Additionally, LinkedIn-AWS exam tips can be very useful. This step and resources will help you in understanding the demand of the exam and its requirements, which in turn will help in building your strategy for the exam.

In addition to this, conversation and discussion with people who have already gone through this exam on LinkedIn, Quora & Facebook will add intellect & quality to your preparation.

2. AWS certification exam: Pass the AWS certified free cloud practitioner certification course

AWS cloud practitioners and experts suggest undergoing an AWS certified cloud practitioner certification course before going for the AWS certification exam. This course comes free of cost and helps in assessing your knowledge, learning gaps, and expertise on the topics related to AWS certification.

Moreover, this exam will help you in structuring a roadmap for your further learning. Which in turn will help in strengthening the well-guided and aimed-oriented study.

3. AWS certification exam: Complete associated courses & training available on the web

To bridge the gaps in learning one can also take associated courses or undergo training programs. Amazon itself provides one such course. On top of it, there are tons of expert learning materials available on the web. For example - courses on Udemy are in high demand when it comes to the AWS certification exams. Hence, the focus must be on completing one such course or training.

4. AWS certification exam: Explore and learn the AWS services

A major chunk of the AWS certification exam consists of questions based on AWS services. Therefore, this particular segment needs to be practiced in great detail. Learning more about the AWS services will not only help you in clearing the AWS certification exam but will also help you in advancing your career later.

To learn the practice, the AWS cloud practitioners and consultants suggest using flashcards, cheat sheets, or even quick notes.

Pro Tip- Industrial Experts suggest a special focus on these services- S3, RDS, VPC, EC2, Lambda. Hence, get your flashcards ready for each of these services.

5. AWS certification exam: Join peer groups for associated learning mechanism

Since the AWS certification exam isn’t a cakewalk, domain experts recommend peer group-based associated learning mechanisms. Such learnings help in grasping the content easily and also increase the retention power of our minds. For such peer learning, one can explore groups on LinkedIn, Facebook, Slack, and Discord.

Pro Tip- Before starting your peer group journey for AWS cloud practitioner exam, one should always keep in mind these two tips-

  • First, if you’re starting a peer group, then the group’s size should not be larger than 3-4 individuals.

  • Second, if you’re joining any group on any of the above social media, then restrict yourself to one to two group only.

6. AWS certification exam: Crack the AWS solution architect associate exam

Though, this course doesn’t guarantee your success in the AWS certification exam. Yet, it helps in strengthening the technicalities & core concepts of AWS. Furthermore, it bridges all the gaps that have been left out while going through the above AWS exam tips. Thus, to get some real hands-on practical experience it’s recommended to undergo this exam.

7. AWS certification exam: Takes practice tests

As the criteria to clear the AWS certification exam varies every now and then. One should have enough hands-on experience to become more competitive & skilled. In this situation, practice tests come as a savior. Such practice tests help, not only in concepts building but also teach pressure handling and time management. As a result, practice tests shape the tone and mood for the exam, even before the real AWS exam takes place.

For such practice tests, one can again look for certain educational websites. However, Amazon also provides AWS solution architect associate exam Question sets for no additional cost.

Pro Tip- Get some hands-on lab experience with the AWS platform, products, and services through AWS free tier. As the name suggests, it takes no additional cost, yet gives a ton of relevant information to master the art of cracking the AWS certification exam.

AWS certification exam: Closing remarks

As the industry experts say, the AWS certification exam isn’t a cakewalk. Therefore, you should be proud enough of yourself, to give it a real shot. Now just buckle-up to set momentum for next few months, be motivated, and stay healthy and energized. Additionally, enjoy the whole process through the exam tips and roadmap suggested in this article and if you face any issues then feel free to drop your queries to us, at any point of your preparation.

We at Turing are very hopeful that you’ll chase it down with flying colors and once you do it, we would love to learn about your overall journey as well. Hence, don’t forget to write back to us. In addition to that, if you think you need to be in proper control of your professional life and are ready for the future of the remote jobs arena then, don’t forget to apply for your dream job through



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