How to Implement Pagination in React

Implement Pagination in React


  • How to Implement Pagination in React

    David Ikukoyi

    David is a technical writer and front end developer. He has successfully published several articles on web technologies and worked with teams in creating scalable softwares. He has contributed to open source projects and also specializes in frameworks like angular, react, node among other technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pagination in React can be implemented by using the react-pagination library, which has comprehensive documentation and brilliant implementation.

No, it isn’t if you aren’t displaying large sets of information. However, it helps to enhance user interaction and improve load time.

Pagination is usually designed according to project requirements. However, there are some conventions that are usually followed.

  1. When creating paginations, avoid information overload. The idea is to help clients absorb information easier and reduce page load time.
  2. Always try to create a visual marker on the pagination implementation to help clients know where they are currently on the page.
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