Foobar: Google's Secret Hiring Technique

Foobar - Secret hiring technique of Google.


  • Foobar: Google's Secret Hiring Technique


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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting into Google Foobar is a challenge in itself. It’s not you who can get yourself an invitation. You have to be either invited by Google or by a friend through a referral link who is already solving the challenge.

The difficulty level of the Google Foobar challenge ranges from medium to difficult level. The questions that are tricky in this challenge demand extensive knowledge of several concepts in a single problem.

There are five levels in the Google Foobar challenge. Each level has a different time limit, as described below.

Level 1: 1 Question - 48 hours/2 days

Level 2: 2 Questions - 72 hours/3 days per question

Level 3: 3 Questions - 96 hours/4 days to 7 days (depending on the type of question) per question

Level 4: 2 Questions - 2 weeks for each question

Level 5: 1 Question - 22 days

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