5 Ways to Select the Best Web Development Language for Your Project

best programming language for web development


  • 5 Ways to Select the Best Web Development Language for Your Project

    Shivashish Yadav

    Shivashish is a skilled Technical Content Specialist and head of The Business Collateral Group in a Cybersecurity firm. He has worked with Symantec, InVideo, Teleport, and other companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

JavaScript, Python, and Java, followed by HTML/CSS can help web developers to get into high-paying jobs.

You do not need a math background, but you need motivation and a purpose for learning. Finding the right learning platform can help, but learning to code requires dedication. If you don't have a compelling reason to learn, it's very easy to convince yourself to stop.

According to the Stack Overflow survey 2022, JavaScript is the most commonly used programming language for the 10th year in a row. HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and Python are almost tied as the most popular languages for people learning to code because of high demand in the market.

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript combined with different libraries are commonly used by web developers.

According to the HackerRank Developer Skills Report, JavaScript, Python, and Java are becoming the first choice of recruiters looking to hire developers.

JavaScript is one of the best coding languages for web development. It can be used in both backend and frontend development. But before jumping into it, beginners should first learn HTML and CSS which will make it easier to understand.

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