10 Best Vue.JS Books Every Javascript Developer Should Read to Learn Vue

Best Vue.js books to read in 2022


  • 10 Best Vue.JS Books Every Javascript Developer Should Read to Learn Vue


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Vue.js is in high demand. It has become extremely popular because of its flexibility and detailed documentation. It also addresses the issues of Angular.js and React.js. The biggest advantage of Vue.js is its command-line interface (CLI), which helps developers save time during initial setup and scaffolding.

React vs Vue is a common question. Vue is suitable for developers at every level of experience. If you are a new developer or an industry expert, Vue.js can be quite handy. The biggest advantage that Vue has over React is that you don’t need to be proficient in JavaScript. For React, you must be well-versed with object-oriented JavaScript, functional JavaScript, and many more such concepts.

You don’t need to be an expert in JavaScript to learn Vue.js. However, since Vue.js is built on top of JavaScript, a basic knowledge of its core is essential.

Vue.js is incrementally adoptable and this feature has helped Vue.js developers to build platforms for big companies. Facebook, Netflix, Adobe, Trivago, Grammarly, BMW, Apple, 9GAG, and even Google use it.

Yes! Vue.js has quickly gained popularity due to its flexibility and simplicity. It also provides a wide range of HTML templates and supports cross-platform UI development.

Yes! Vue.js is a lightweight application with a familiar templating syntax that makes it easy to learn. There are also multiple books that are project-based and will help you grasp the language quickly.

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