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What Is It like to Do Remote Development Work in 2023?

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The pandemic wreaked havoc on the digital ecosystem, affecting users, businesses, and software developers alike. COVID-19 has expedited continuing digital transformation and forced many businesses to innovate quickly. Demand for software programmers surged as a result of the increased reliance on digital experiences, worsening a talent shortage. Work-from-home (WFH) grew more common during this period, and most engineers shifted to full-time remote development work.

Terminal conducted a survey of 1,100 software engineers in North America for the 2021 State of Remote Engineering report, which examines how the pandemic has affected the remote developer workforce, highlighting both the positive and negative effects of remote development work on a remote software engineer. Surprisingly, the survey reveals that as domestic conditions worsen and virtual work becomes more globally accessible, overseas talent is losing interest in physically migrating to the United States.

In this blog, I will walk you through the pointers on what it's like to work as a remote software developer from home and the tips and tricks to make it more efficient for remote development work. Let's get started!

Challenges of working remotely

Working remotely presents some initial hurdles. Working from home in your cozy pajamas for a development job is not the same as working in an office. You won't completely appreciate the difference unless you try it yourself. The beginning wouldn't be easy for someone who has never worked in a remote situation before. But you'll get better at most of those things over time.

1. Communication

  • We rely on in-person contact so much in the office that it may feel strange to be without it for entry-level software engineer remote jobs.
  • Because it is primarily reliant on asynchronous communication, the remote environment is the polar opposite.
  • Actually, today's remote development work environments are more of a hybrid of synchronous and asynchronous communication, with each one complementing the other.
  • Remote developer jobs benefit from synchronous communication because it saves time. Later on, you'll begin to understand when and how to communicate in various situations.

2. Structure of work in software engineer work from home jobs

  • One of the most difficult issues you may face is a lack of understanding of how the remote development work was completed and arranged.
  • You will be allocated cultural buddies in most firms who will be there to support you throughout your boarding term.
  • You should take advantage of any opportunity to ask questions better to grasp the process of remote software developer jobs.

3. Timing

  • Another potential difficulty remote software developers may have in the beginning is their inability to shut off from work.
  • Working hours must be strictly adhered to; else, mental weariness can rapidly set in. That's something you don't want to happen. You should set and stick to your working hours.
  • Of course, depending on your lifestyle, you can work when and how you like, but time management is essential. Consider what time of day you're most productive and plan your day around that.
  • For example, if you are a morning person, complete the most important tasks first thing in the morning.
  • You can accomplish a lot with no distractions and 2 to 3 hours of focused effort. When your mental energy is down, you should make your calls in the afternoon, but you can still concentrate and focus on the conversation.

Let's move on to how you might improve your remote development work skills once you've overcome the early obstacles.

Getting better at working from home

  • Working remotely for the first few months would be the most difficult for you.
  • You'll get better at working remotely with the aid and guidance of your teammates and the lessons learned from your previous experiences.
  • You can improve your productivity and discover your position in the world.

A few factors that can help you efficiently manage remote development work are listed below:

1. Co-working

  • You can work with a coworker at a co-working facility and commute together a couple of times a week.
  • Start with a couple of times a week of co-working and see how it goes. If it works for you, this is a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with your coworkers.

2. Attending meetups

  • It's a terrific method to stay social in remote development work if you can find someone you can collaborate with.
  • Attending meetups on issues that interest you is another thing that could be highly beneficial.
  • You can meet like-minded folks with whom you can connect over a variety of topics.
  • Online communities can also be beneficial, and there are numerous distant work-based communities to join.

3. Practicing time management

  • To effectively manage your time, you must first master time management. Set aside time to prioritize work for the next day..
  • Prioritization will help you define your goals, helping you focus on the important things.
  • The tough element about remote development work is that you have complete control over your time and must be careful how and what you spend it on.
  • Distractions are certain to occur. Finding techniques to increase your focus, on the other hand, is such an important aspect of efficient remote work.

4. Increasing the level of communication

  • Slack or other project management platforms can help you communicate more effectively in remote development work.
  • It is, however, centered on synchronous communication.

5. Working in an asynchronous manner

  • The time zone difference between your teams is another reason you should choose to converse asynchronously.
  • Since remote teams will be located all over the world, it will not always be feasible to pick up the phone or receive a quick response to your direct messages.
  • You can improve your asynchronous communication skills by better prioritizing your time. More asynchronous communication tools, such as email or Dropbox Paper, should be used.

6. Maintaining good health

  • Give priority to mental wellness. When you are less worried, you will be able to work more effectively.
  • You should aim to avoid working late hours in your remote development work and get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

Tools for remote working

The kind of tools we use determine our productivity at work. Here are some of the resources that you should make use of for your remote development work.

G SuiteYou can use Gmail and Google Calendar as part of the G Suite family.
SlackSlack is a messaging app that allows you to communicate in real-time.
ZoomThis online platform can be used to arrange video meetings.
Dropbox PaperThis is where you'll compose your draughts.
DiscourseYou can utilize discourse to make announcements, promote people, or share general team learnings.

7. Fetching a remote developer job that allows you to work from anywhere

  • If you're looking for your first remote development work, this pointer will most likely be helpful. Nowadays, remote work is very popular, and many organizations provide it to their employees as an alternative.
  • You can work part-time programming jobs for a company or one that has an office but also has remote employees.
  • There are also freelancers who can be termed remote employees, but their situation is a little different, in my opinion.
  • My experience is limited to working in a completely remote organization with no physical location.
  • If you're not currently remote but want to be so that you can travel or spend more time with your family, there's good news: remote development work possibilities are becoming plentiful.
  • The field is expanding, and businesses are beginning to see the advantages of working from home. Because distance is no longer an issue, remote enterprises have a significant advantage in hiring great employees from a broad pool of prospects.
  • Always check their career pages to see if any positions are available.

Now, let's take a stroll through the differences between non-remote and remote development work for better understanding.

Software developer remote jobs vs. non-remote

  • Since you are not tied to a location when you work remotely, you can potentially live in a low-cost region while earning enough to live comfortably.
  • When you work from home for remote development work, you have the freedom to choose your own hours.
  • Working from home allows you to spend more time with them if you have a family. You must, however, be self-motivated and willing to stay focused the majority of the time.
  • Loneliness can also be a problem, so finding new methods to be sociable might be beneficial. Your personality plays a huge role in coping up with this.
  • You're bound to a single location if you work in an office. You must commute to work, which can take a long period at times.
  • However, creating personal relationships with coworkers at your remote development work is simpler in person when everyone is in the same room.

Now, let's summarize our discussion on software developer work from home jobs.


Most developers seek remote development work possibilities in the post-pandemic future after tasting the freedom of corporations. A considerable number of people also want to do software development from home. As a result, a growing number of businesses have implemented permanent work-from-home policies. So, get going on that research on how to get a remote developer job and kick start your career!

The career of a remote software developer involves few challenges like communication, work structure for a remote work software engineer, and timing. Things a remote work software developer can do to work efficiently are co-working, attending meetups, practicing time management, increasing the level of communication, working in an asynchronous manner, maintaining good health, and finding software development work from home that allows you to work from home.


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