Here’s Why You Should Choose ReactJS for Your Project

Ashwin Dua
10 May 20234 mins read
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The demand for a skilled workforce for web development projects and mobile applications has grown.To make websites and mobile applications user-friendly,  a front-end development library like ReactJS is critical. ReactJS is essential in creating the user interface along with other UI components. 

However, with new tools released every day and businesses looking to get more work done in a short time, the decision to choose the right framework, programming tool, and library is becoming difficult. In this post, I’m going to give you nine reasons why ReactJS deserves serious consideration.

To start, ReactJS is popular. According to a recent survey, ReactJS has been used to develop more than one million websites, including almost 300,000 unique domains. This ubiquity is why ReactJS is at the top of the most loved frameworks, with 74.5 percent of developers preferring it over other frameworks. 

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript Library facilitating front-end web development. Jordan Walke, the creator of ReactJS and an engineer at Facebook, came up with the idea to merge XHP, Facebook’s markup syntax into JavaScript. It helped them run various user interfaces at once, like newsfeed updates and chat, among others. After seeing how well the merger worked, Facebook made ReactJS open-source in 2013. Since then, ReactJS has become one of the most popular web frameworks.

We’ve listed some of our top reasons why you should choose ReactJS for your business.

Easy scripting

ReactJS offers a free extension, which goes by the name JSX. JSX simplifies the HTML markup in the library by writing shortcuts of your code and converting HTML mockups into ReactElement Trees. ReactElement Trees, in turn, make the application run faster.

Modular design

The modular design of ReactJS allows you to make small changes with ease. As a result, most developers can reuse the same objects and employ previously used assets without disturbing other components.

Reusable components

Reusable components offer their code for similar features without needing the developer to write it all over again. In addition, ReactJS lets developers use individual application parts on both server and client sides. These capabilities help save time, as they reduce the frequency of debugging existing code.

SEO friendly

One of the key aspects of web development is SEO. ReactJS significantly reduces page load time and provides faster rendering speed in comparison to other frameworks. Faster rendering speed helps reduce the bounce rate of your websites and pages. In addition to this, web applications and pages using ReactJS are easier to crawl. This improvement is accomplished by using Server-side rendering, which enables you to run the JavaScript code on the server side before sending the files to the user, allowing the user to see the content without allowing React to run. Further, server-side rendering makes the page load faster as Google doesn’t have to run JavaScript to crawl the page. 

Virtual DOM and Tree reconciliation

ReactJS developers write HTML using JavaScript, which allows them to keep a virtual representation of HTML, called Virtual DOM; this Virtual DOM renders an HTML tree virtually whenever the state of UI changes. So, you can make modifications without impacting the entire structure of the user interface. This, in turn, helps maintain high app performance on the front-end.

One way data binding

In addition to virtual DOM and Tree reconciliation, a one-way data binding model also ensures that changes in the child component do not impact the entire code. So, when you type a text in the input field, this model just updates the data model. And this is how one-way data binding makes code more stable for both application and web development.

Mobile app development

Apart from web development, the ReactJS framework was upgraded to facilitate mobile app development for iOS and Android platforms. At the same time, ReactJS also enables a smooth transition of code as code written for the web is easily compatible with mobile.

Easy to learn and use

Be it web development or mobile application development, developers familiar with JavaScript can easily learn ReactJS. What’s more, ReactJS is easy to implement and can also be used with existing application structures.

Strong community support

Many developers have ReactJS as their primary framework for web development. A major contributing factor is the strong community support React developers get from all around the world. In addition, experienced developers share insights about applying this framework in the form of blogs, in-depth articles, tutorial videos on popular forums.

ReactJS is an easy-to-use responsive JavaScript library that is beneficial for both small and big organizations. It is easy to scale even in a high-traffic environment. Furthermore, ReactJS facilitates simultaneous functions and easy changes for application and web development. However, organizations looking to hire ReactJS developers for their projects may need to spend a lot of time evaluating different candidates. 

This time-consuming bottleneck is why you need someone who can pre-vet excellent ReactJS developers for you. 

Enter Turing. Turing helps organizations hire developers with the right skillset after ensuring they pass rigorous tests. has matched countless ReactJS developers with top US companies. The organization’s intelligent talent cloud sources, vets, manages, and matches developers across 100+ skills efficiently and effectively.  With Turing, you can access a talent pool of the top 1% of 700K+ developers with strong technical and communication skills. The best part? There’s no risk. Turing offers a free two-week trial period to make sure your developers deliver to your standards.

Ashwin Dua

Ashwin is a content writer who has written several content types and has worked with clients like IRCTC, Hero Cycles, and Fortis Healthcare, among others.

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