Top 8 skills to look for while hiring JavaScript developers

Proficiency in Core Javascript

A good understanding of core JavaScript is required to build scalable and modern web applications.

Fluency in HTML and CSS

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three cornerstone technologies of the World Wide Web and essential for every JavaScript developer.

Utilizing React JS and Node JS

The two most important tools that every JavaScript developer must know to make their development journey way less tedious. 

Cross-Browser Programming

For an application to work on different browsers, developers must know how to write code for different browsers using JavaScript.

Ability to Test Codes

Every developer must know how to test their applications to ensure seamless user experience.

Command Line

One of the important skills is to have mastery over the Command Line and the terminal to overcome the limitations of GUIs.

Web Architecture

A JavaScript developer should know how to build a good web architecture in order to build a robust and scalable web application.


Git is an extremely useful code versioning tool, not just for JavaScript developers, for any developer in general, to help them keep track of their code modifications.

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