Top 5 Resume Mistakes by Developers

Using No/Too Little Keywords

Maximize the usage of keywords appropriate to the specific job profile. Sprinkle the keywords throughout your resume to grab attention.

Using Phrases like 'Responsible for Developing' 'Did Develop'

Try using phrases containing action verbs like: 1 Developed front-end tech stack 2. Served over 400 clients a year

Giving Vague Project Details

Clearly mention the key details of your project. ‘Developed a Weather Predicting App using Machine Learning’ will not help. What was your tech stack? Which algorithm did you use? 

Highlighting Things that you Did

Instead of highlighting what you did, highlight what you achieved! List your achievements!

Not Highlighting Tech Skills

Add a technical skill section in your resume, to highlight your technical prowess that  make you a perfect fit for the role you're applying for.

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